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SCR Skills Shortage Round Table


For some organisations skill shortages are a major problem in this region, hard to fill vacancies that sit unfilled for long periods of time can severely affect business growth and profitability.

This round table event is in conjunction with the Sheffield City Region’s indepth survey into skills gaps and hard to fill vacancies, and will allow us to gain a further insight into business needs.

The criteria for attendance is your business must be based in the Sheffield City Region and fall into one of the following sectors: Manufacturing, Construction, Business, Financial, Professional and Digital.

This will be an interactive session with peers across professional sectors and will allow open conversation surrounding hard to fill roles and where businesses find candidates lack certain skills.

Sheffield City Region have commissioned Benchmark to research what skills are hard to find and the reasons why. This information will help find a solution and shape education budgets going forward to help address the issues that are uncovered.

Have your say into this research by filling in a short survey .

Seaside Week at Matlock Farm Park

Don't miss the 'Seaside' themed week with Punch and Judy, seaside crafts and hints, donkey rides and a special appearance from The Hulk Buster on the 12th August.

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summer play season
Summer Play Season

Chesterfield Theatres is delighted to announce the first Summer Play Season presented by Paul Taylor-Mills and his repertory company.

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