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Public Sector Apprenticeships: A Platform for Progression

A career in public sector offers a variety of job roles from working in local government, teaching, health and social care and uniformed services.

Choosing an apprenticeship can help kickstart a career in this sector and provide a great platform to support career development and advancement.

Chesterfield Borough Council employs more than 40 apprentices over a range of different service areas. The organisation was recently named in the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers, which ranks the very best of England’s apprenticeship employers.

Apprenticeships support career advancement

Sally Grattage, Administration Officer at The Healthy Living Centre and Queen’s Park Sports Centre, is currently working towards a Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship with Ascento Training. She demonstrates how apprenticeships provide the opportunity to advance your career.

Sally has worked for Chesterfield Borough Council for the last 13 years, she said: “My day to day job involves dealing with memberships and payments, contract invoices and general enquiries to name a few. Over the past 18 months, I have also been responsible for the centre’s social media pages. Due to this, I was offered the opportunity to do a Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship. I knew by doing this apprenticeship it would open so many doors to learning new skills from things outside of my normal job role. So far this has included branding, marketing, and principles of web.

“I am learning so much, more than I ever could of thought, and I am getting more involved with other areas of the council including the Communication and Marketing department who have been a big help for me when working on my apprenticeship.”

Apprenticeships provide the skills to progress in a career  

Liz Hulbert shows how apprenticeships can help you progress in your career; she recently completed a Level 3 Team Leader apprenticeship and now has a permanent position as a Homelessness Officer at Chesterfield Borough Council.

She explained: “I love working in the public sector, every day brings its own challenges and rewards. I enjoy being in a front facing role and assisting residents in times of crisis in my role as a Homelessness Officer and offering support where I can. I feel Chesterfield Borough Council has given me a chance to progress and use my skills within a role that really suits me.”

Apprenticeships provide on the job training

Paul Davis, is an internal auditor at Chesterfield Borough Council, undertaking a Level 7 CIPFA (Chartered Institute of Public Finance Accountants) Accountancy Professional apprenticeship.

He said: “I chose an apprenticeship as I was already an employee of the council and wanted to further my studies and progress in my career. I have not only gained the knowledge from attending face to face and online classes, but also gained work experience by stepping outside my comfort zone in my day to day role. I complete work using my new knowledge as I learn it, which in turn helps me understand my course material and gives me practical knowledge of the subject.”

He added: “Working in the public sector is challenging due to the financial restrictions and standards set. But is a very rewarding career as I get to work in many different areas that I would not get to work with as part of a private sector company such as leisure centres, crematoriums, social housing and benefits.”

Apprenticeships are open to everyone

Martin Hughes, a Customer Service Practitioner, used his apprenticeship to retrain for a new career and proves it is never too late to learn. He previously worked in the building and maintenance team for more than 30 years at Chesterfield Borough Council.

He said: “When I was first faced with the challenge of changing my career it was really difficult. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to adjust to working in an office environment. At my age, I was also concerned about going back to college to learn new skills, so being able to learn at work was perfect for me.

“I have never worked in an office before, so the apprenticeship was a good way to develop my skills. I have had a lot of help from my colleagues and my tutor.”

He added: “Every day is different to what I imagined, and I have adapted well to the change in career. Doing the apprenticeship has kept me in employment and given me a new focus.

“I hope my experience proves to others that they should have confidence in themselves and keep going because it is possible to achieve things you don’t imagine you can do.”

Overall, a career in public sector provides a diverse range of job roles that cater for every skill set and apprenticeships can help to provide a platform to progress within the sector.

You can find out more about this sector on the My Future careers platform.

Visit the Apprentice Town website for more information on apprenticeships. 

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