New Coronavirus testing centres to open in Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire

Derbyshire County Council is set to open new covid-19 testing centres in Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire this week.

One in 3 of those who have coronavirus do not have symptoms, so the testing is aimed at those who are still going out to work and mixing with colleagues or the public. The testing will identify people with COVID-19, enable support for those who have to self-isolate and drive infection rates down in the county.

Alongside the test people will be offered advice and help with financial support that they may be entitled to if they need to self-isolate and help to access wider benefits.

Derbyshire’s Director of Public Health Dean Wallace said: “Although rates of those testing positive are coming down we need to do more to try and stop the chain of transmission.

“We know that many people are just not able to work from home so these new centres are aimed at those who have to go out to work and mix with colleagues and the public. It is this group of people who are at the most risk of getting the virus, and with one in 3 who do have the virus showing no symptoms they can easily pass it on to anyone they come in to contact with.

“Please if you are still going out to work come to your nearest centre weekly and get a test to protect your families, colleagues and community.

“It only takes a few minutes and will make such a difference. The quicker we can get on top of this virus the sooner our lives can start to return to normal.”

Other established methods of testing for people with symptoms will continue alongside community testing and people who have a high temperature, continuous cough or have lost their sense of small or taste should book a test online in the usual way.

Derbyshire County Council Leader Councillor Barry Lewis said: “I’m pleased that we are now setting up these new centres.

“It has been a real team effort with colleagues from across the council getting involved to help.

“We’re also grateful to colleagues from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service who have helped move equipment round the county and helped to get things in place. Thanks also go to the district and borough councils who have helped in providing venues for us to use.

“I’d also like to pay tribute to the fantastic support we have had from the RAF. They joined us just before Christmas and helped us get our Swadlincote sites set up. Thank you to you all.

“Getting a test doesn’t mean you can’t still catch the virus, so please continue to wash your hands regularly, keep your distance and wear a face covering unless you are exempt.”

Those attending are asked not to bring bags or other items with them that they don’t consider to be essential, but are asked to bring a fully charged smart phone if they have one. Parents or guardians are asked to accompany those aged 11 to 16.

The centre in Chesterfield will be at Queen’s Park Sports Centre, Boythorpe Road, Chesterfield and will open on Wednesday 10 February 2021.

North East Derbyshire’s centre will open on Friday 12 February 2021 and will be at Clay Cross Social Centre, Market Street, Clay Cross.

The Chesterfield and Clay Cross centres will open 7 days a week, 9am to 7pm. To find out what the demand is like at the centres when you want to go along, visit the Derbyshire COVID-19 test centre finder .

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Opportunities highlighted by Chesterfield College on National Apprenticeship Week

During National Apprenticeship Week (8-14 February), Learning Unlimited, the apprenticeship team at Chesterfield College, are highlighting the fact there are hundreds of apprenticeship opportunities available for anyone starting or developing a career in Derbyshire.

With over 97% of the employers they work with continuing to recruit apprentices, they say now is a great time to explore what apprenticeships can offer. They are holding a series of apprenticeship virtual advice evenings and workshops to help people find out more.

Learning Unlimited has helped hundreds of apprentices to start or develop their careers during the pandemic. They work with employers from various industry sectors who continue to develop their workforce and create exciting opportunities in areas such as engineering, construction, health and care, and business support.

With many headlines about the lack of employment opportunities for young people and redundancies across different industries hit hardest by the pandemic, Leah Shortt, Operations Manager at Learning Unlimited was keen to offer some hope to anyone affected.

She said:“Apprenticeships have always offered a way for people to build their future and I am pleased to say that with lots of new apprenticeship opportunities being created across Derbyshire, they are continuing to do so. Many of the employers we work with are delivering essential services and still need to build their workforce.

“Apprenticeships help them to do that at the same time as  giving young people, and those looking to retrain, an opportunity to get the start they need to develop their careers.

“A common myth is that apprenticeships are just for those starting out in the world of work. That isn’t the case. They offer the chance to get qualifications that may be equivalent to university level study, so they can be a perfect way for people to climb the career ladder and get noticed by their employers.

“Our series of advice evenings and application workshops will offer practical advice and support to help people make the most of opportunities that are available now and in the future. The team are looking forward to continuing to help people start their apprenticeship journey and build their career.”

The first virtual advice evening takes place on 11 February 5.30 – 6.30pm. To find out more and register for this event or others in the series visit

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Chesterfield businesses get Shop Appy

Chesterfield businesses can now sign up to the Shop Appy web platform for free.

Shop Appy is a one stop, local, online support platform which enables customers to see what local shops and services have to offer, all in one place. 

Many independent businesses in Chesterfield have been looking at new ways to adapt and innovate during the Covid lockdowns. Chesterfield Borough Council has partnered with Derbyshire County Council to help businesses take advantage of the fast growing

The Derbyshire Economic Partnership, which is made up of Chesterfield Borough Council, Derbyshire County Council and other district councils, has paid for the membership fee to the platform for local businesses. This free membership will last until November 2021.

As part of the Supporting Our High Street campaign from Chesterfield Borough Council and Destination Chesterfield, is a new push to get more Chesterfield businesses to sign up for free to Shop Appy.

Councillor Kate Sarvent, cabinet member for town centres and visitor economy at Chesterfield Borough Council, said: “Shop Appy is another helping hand for our businesses. Many have already adapted, and offer click & collect or delivery services, but the option to have Shop Appy free until November 2021 is a great addition to their business offer.

“As part of our campaign – Supporting Our High Street – we are promoting the benefits of taking advantage of this offer for businesses to use Shop Appy for free. Our businesses need our support now more than ever. Shopping online, but making the local choice, and using our favourite local businesses is what we must do.”

Chesterfield Borough Council is working with businesses to encourage sign up to the Shop Appy platform. Any business needing support with Shop Appy can contact the council’s town centre engagement officer, Rebecca Bland, by emailing

Businesses can register for Shop Appy at

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NLT throws a lifeline to Chesterfield youngster whose army career dreams were cut short by COVID-19

A young man who had has dreams of a career in the Paratroopers cruelly cut short by the pandemic, has been put on a new employment path thanks to NLT Training Services’ Step Into Employment programme.

Seventeen-year-old Josh Gaynor from Ashgate in Chesterfield left school last year to join the army as a junior soldier at the Army Foundation College (AFC) in Harrogate. Unfortunately, COVID outbreaks and subsequent quarantining meant his platoon missed weeks of vital training, so were set home.

Returning home, Josh struggled to get employment so enrolled on NLT’s Step Into Employment programme. Through the free six-week programme he is now undertaking vital work experience at The Kelstedge pub on Matlock Road.

Although the pub is closed during lockdown, it is doing takeaway food Friday to Sunday each week. Josh has joined the kitchen team on a part-time basis and is helping with meal preparation.

Josh commented: “I was gutted to leave AFC Harrogate but I am very relieved to be able to start something new. I am finding it really fun at The Kelstedge. I am working with a good set of people.”

Once the pub fully re-opens landlord and owner Simon Oxspring hopes to offer Josh paid employment and a permanent role on the team.

He commented: “Not knowing what demand would be like when we launched our takeaway service, the Step into Employment programme was an excellent way for us to provide someone with much-needed work experience and also determine whether we would be in a position to create a new salaried role.

“Josh has really impressed us and we’re looking forward to welcoming him to the team permanently once we are allowed to re-open fully.”

Prior to undertaking work experience at The Kelstedge, Josh received employability coaching at NLT’s offices in Brimington. This enabled him to compile his CV and also look at areas that best matched his skill set and interests. After receiving the offer of work experience, Step into Employment funded the completion of Josh’s Food Hygiene certificate to ensure he was work-ready.

NLT Training Services launched the free six-week Step Into Employment programme last year following the award of a Community Funds Grant.

Prioritising 16 – 24-year-olds, a group which has seen the biggest rise in unemployment since the pandemic, the programme is open to anyone who is currently not in employment, education or training.

Step Into Employment covers a number of practical work-ready skills, including CV preparation, interview techniques, cover letter writing and job search support as well as work experience at local companies operating in a range of sectors.

If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved with the Step into Employment programme, please get in touch with Janice Parker on 07947 550 571 or email

NLT Training Services supports the marketing and economic growth of the town through Chesterfield Champions, a network of over 180 organisations across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

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Innovation enables The Sanitaryware Supplies Company to flourish during the pandemic

Chesterfield’s Sanitaryware Supplies Company has seen an upturn in sales during the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to an innovative hygiene solution which has helped in the fight against the virus.

The foot-operated hand sanitising station came about because the company was selling wall mounted one-litre sanitiser dispensers online, but were asked on a few occasions if it could provide a bulk product which could dispense both gel and foaming soap from larger containers.

Designers then took the product a step further by creating a “no touch solution” for use in both indoor and outdoor settings.

The unit is operated by pressing a pedal at the front, which in turn dispenses liquid gel or foaming soap gel (at the choice of the customer) through an aluminium nozzle. All parts used on the units are supplied from local companies.

The design of the new sanitising station also means fewer changes of the liquid and a lockable unit which prevents the theft of hand washing gel.

Andy Dukelow, director at The Sanitaryware Supplies Company said: “As far as we are aware it is the only foot-operated dispenser on the market which can offer both types of dispensing (gel and foam). Also we have the only unit which is fully enclosed and lockable and can dispense 5,10 or 20 litre bulk-fill containers.”

The first sales of the new sanitising station were individual units to schools, factories and restaurants, followed by a national soap and gel manufacturer who wanted to take them into their portfolio to offer alongside their liquids.

Andy added: “We have since supplied them to schools, Amazon warehouses, cleaning companies, rail workshops amongst others and recently Chesterfield Football Club as a trial site for stadia.

“We have had good feedback from them and have already had enquiries for future units into local football clubs once crowds are allowed back in. In total we have sold over 150 units to date, starting in August 2020.

“We think that once we are out of lockdown, the sales will once again increase as we already have an enquiry for 500 units pending for another national company.

Sales of the new foot-operated sanitising stations, along with other projects such as new ‘Dado panels’ which are used on the inside of rail carriages, enabled the firm to achieve sales over and above those achieved in the same period of 2019 by 40%.

Andy said: “As part of our hygiene and handwashing portfolio we have supplied a large number of hygiene disposal units and scrub up troughs to the NHS, care homes and health centres as they increased their Covid compliance.

“We have also supplied wash troughs to schools, where under new guidance all schools should ensure pupils wash their hands before entering.”

The Sanitaryware Supplies Company supports the marketing and economic growth of the town through Chesterfield Champions, a network of over 180 organisations across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

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Bridge Help launches new co-funding division

Chesterfield champion and commercial bridging loan company, Bridge Help has launched a new co-funding division of the business.

The new division, Bridge Help Ventures, offers people the opportunity to fund alongside Bridge Help in short-term commercial bridging loans and make attractive returns in a low-risk environment.

Bridge Help Ventures is offering returns of up to 12% and quarterly interest payments to people looking for an alternative to stocks and shares.

Funded by private individuals, Bridge Help has seen a surge in loan applications since the start of the pandemic as major banks and building societies have struggled to react quickly in the fast-moving commercial property market. Bridge Help, however, has been able to turn around loan applications, utilising video conferencing software, in as little as seven days.

The response rate of Bridge Help, which has been praised by brokers and lenders, coupled with global stock market uncertainty and the low interest rates on savings, has created the perfect platform to launch Bridge Help Ventures.

The platform showcases a range of opportunities, including industrial, Buy-to-Let, leisure, offices and retail property, which are open to prospective co-funders. Bridge Help does not offer investment advice, just solid opportunities for those who wish to take them up.

Chief Executive of Bridge Help Chris Sellars explained: “In a fast-moving market, Bridge Help has offered commercial property investors the chance to act decisively. This has led to an increase in applications which we are now in a position to share, via Bridge Help Ventures, with individuals who wish to make significantly increased returns compared to high street lenders.”

Bridge Help Ventures brings private funders alongside Bridge Help to fund a short-term loan, ensuring all interests are aligned and the risk shared. All loans are also backed by Legal Charge over property as well as being guaranteed, in order to give co-funders further peace of mind.

Chris added: “What we have seen in the pandemic is that there are people with money who want to do more with it than simply have it stagnate in a bank account. By the same token, they don’t want to take unnecessary risks and incur the expense and worry that goes hand in hand with the stock market and investment property.

“Bridge Help Ventures is an attractive alternative for savers and investors. We would not ask anyone to put money into something we would not ourselves. Additionally, co-funders do not incur upfront or ongoing investment costs compared to owning their own investment property. Similarly, property is secured against the loan which means, that if the worst happens and the lender defaults on the loan, we can take ownership of the property to recover monies.”

Despite the pandemic, last year saw Bridge Help remain on track with its growth ambitions, recruiting three new team members, approving more than £10 million in UK loans and relocating to larger premises in Chesterfield.

Chris added: “I am very excited for the future of Bridge Help and look forward to welcoming co-funders onboard through Bridge Help Ventures. The current financial climate has shown a very real need for alternative lenders other than high street banks.”

To learn more about Bridge Help Ventures and current available co-funding opportunities, please visit or get in touch by calling 033 3303 4681.

Bridge Help supports the marketing and economic growth of the town through Chesterfield Champions, a network of over 180 organisations across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

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Vaccination site at Casa Hotel now up and running

The first Covid-19 vaccinations at Chesterfield’s Casa Hotel have taken place this morning, with pharmacy-led teams moving to support the rollout across Derbyshire.

The new sites opened today have brought the total number of vaccination venues within the Derby and Derbyshire CCG area to 23, including six pharmacy-led sites, 15 GP-led sites, two hospital hubs and the vaccination centre at Derby Arena.

Casa Hotel in Chesterfield is using two connected function rooms and making good use of the hotel’s ample parking and excellent access. The hotel has the capability to vaccinate over 300 people per day

The site is run by Peak Pharmacy, but Head of Business Transformation Darryl Dethick explained that his team has had lots of help preparing for the start of vaccinations: “We’ve been working hard getting the hotel ready to receive patients, and the hotel staff have been great. Some of the hotel staff will even be helping us with admin on the day; this is a big team effort.

“We will have three vaccination pods and have had really good response from people making bookings. We’ll be vaccinating every day from Thursday through to Sunday to begin with.”

Casa Hotel owner Steve Perez said: “I am absolutely delighted we are able to help – it’s fantastic. It is a great example of hospitality business working with a local company and NHS to serve the community. We are excited to be part of this initiative and do our bit! We are ideally located with plenty of space, a dedicated car park and lots of staff who will be on hand to help with aspects such as marshalling. The more vaccination centres we can have in the region, the better – and the quicker we can get back to living our lives again”

steve perez honorary degree

Joe Cattee, director of family-owned Peak Pharmacy said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for community pharmacy to once again show another way in which it supports patients nationwide. As a business we have administered over 30,000 flu vaccinations this winter – as well as supporting patients with other services ranging from travel clinics through to reviews of newly-prescribed medicines. It therefore made sense that we should be actively involved in the national Covid -19 vaccination effort. We are thrilled to be coming together with another family-owned local business to start vaccinating the people of Derbyshire.”

Elsewhere in Derbyshire, St John’s Methodist Church in Allestree and Pinxton Village Hall have also started to administer the Covid-19 vaccine.

Each of the three new sites is led by a local pharmacy team but does not carry out vaccinations in the pharmacy itself. All vaccinations at these new sites require an appointment through the National Booking System.

Peak Pharmacy (PCT Healthcare) and Casa Hotel support the marketing and economic growth of the town through Chesterfield Champions, a network of over 180 organisations across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

Joe Cattee, Peak Pharmacy

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Families set to benefit from new play and fitness facilities in Staveley

Staveley residents are set to benefit from the first improvements to the town as part of the Staveley Town Deal, which sets out ambitious plans to pull in more than £25m worth of funding to the area over the next five years.

Initial funding worth more than £140,000 will be used to invest in new play and fitness facilities at King George V Playing Fields. This will create a fantastic new space for families to create memories together and for residents to exercise in.

The money has been secured thanks to a Chesterfield Borough Council bid to the Government’s Town Deal Accelerator Fund – submitted on behalf of the Staveley Town Deal Board as part of wider plans to regenerate the town.

It follows further investment by the council in the park which saw creation of bowling facilities and a new skate park; together all these improvements will ensure that the park has facilities suitable for every age group.

Ivan Fomin, Chair of the Staveley Town Deal Board, said: “It’s fantastic to see the Town Deal delivering funding for facilities that will directly benefit local residents. These improvements are the kind of grassroots project that I hoped we could deliver as part of the Town Deal. It may not be a high financial cost compared to the total value of the Town Deal, but it will make a massive difference to local families.”

The planned works include a new play area which will have a range of equipment for both juniors and toddlers. It will also aim to encourage imaginative play through its design and features, like play panels.

As well as the play area, a new fitness zone will be created. Within this there will be an outdoor gym area where residents can do more than 200 different types of exercise. It will also feature a multi-use area for basketball and football.

Councillor Jill Mannion Brunt, Chesterfield Borough Council’s cabinet member for Health and Wellbeing, said: “As we’ve all seen over the last year, providing excellent outdoor facilities is important for everyone. They provide a space for the community to socialise and are an important place for young people’s development. They are also becoming more popular as exercise venues.

“We are working closely with our funding partners to help deliver this fantastic new play and fitness space in King George V Playing Fields. I am sure that local residents will create lots of great memories in this space and keep active for many years to come.”

Paul Greenfield, Area Sales Manager for Kompan, said: “Kompan are the UK’s leading outdoor play, sport and fitness provider and we are delighted to have been selected as Chesterfield Borough Council’s partner for this exciting project. We look forward to bringing our fun and exciting play products, and state of the art fitness range to the community of Staveley.”

The work is set to begin in March and will be managed by Chesterfield Borough Council and delivered by Kompan.

Find out more about regeneration in Staveley here:

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Polar Windows secures more than £1 million in commercial contracts despite covid-19 pandemic

Chesterfield’s Polar Windows has managed to secure more than £1 million worth of commercial contracts recently, despite the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The company, which has now been trading in the town for more than 32 years has secured several projects both locally and nationally, which has enabled it to increase production and turnover.

Three more staff have been taken on in the factory;  a new commercial admin apprentice and a commercial Project Manager have also been added to the team, taking the total number of employees at Polar Windows to 35.

Once a small family business, Polar has grown into an ever-evolving company with seven fully skilled fitting teams and a reliable portfolio of carefully selected quality tradesmen. The domestic business spans a 30-mile radius across three counties – Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.

It is also chesterfield’s leading and only commercial manufacturer of UPVC Energy Rated windows & doors, as well as being suppliers & installers of a whole host of other high-quality enhancements for the home. This ranges from Conservatories, soffits and fascia’s, porches, Roof Lanterns, rubber flat roofs to solid warm roofs, extensions, and conversions.

Some of the recent commercial contracts secured by the company include:

  • 172 New Builds in Homewood ,Chesterfield. This is a 3-year contract . This contract involves installing A-Rated Energy Efficient upvc windows and doors along with GRP Composite Entrance doors.
  • 175 New Builds in Goole- This is a 3 year contract – This contract involves installing A-Rated Energy Efficient UPVC windows and doors along with GRP Composite Entrance doors.
  • 21 New Builds in Brockwell, Chesterfield, – This contract involves installing A-Rated Energy Efficient UPVC windows and doors along with GRP Composite Entrance doors.
  • Manufacture and Installation of over 200 High specification windows and doors to a number of wards /Departments at Leighton Hospital in Crewe.
  • 32 New Builds in Pilsley, Chesterfield- This contract involves installing A-Rated Energy Efficient UPVC windows and doors along with GRP Composite Entrance doors.
  • 12 New Builds in Brimington Chesterfield. This contract involves installing A-Rated Energy Efficient UPVC windows and doors along with GRP Composite Entrance doors.

Group Sales Manager, Richard Crowe said: “Whilst it is easy to sum up 2020 as a year of challenge and global crisis, the last 12 months have spurred a great deal of reflection, resilience , spirit and togetherness within our business.  From initiatives such as the introduction of remote selling & quoting software, to the switch from paper invoices to paperless digital invoicing, our staff have shown what hard work and determination really can create, especially when combined with good old community spirit.

“As a result, we are now reaping the rewards. Bearing in mind we had 3 months of not trading with the national lockdown. In 2020 we have seen an increase in global turnover of over 11%, and our production output has increased by 10%.

“We also invested in a brand new purpose built window & conservatory village show site on Chesterfield Road in Duckmanton just off of junction 29A. This incorporates two fully furnished on site conservatories with a plan for two further conservatories to be added in late 2021.

“The show site also boasts an  indoor window and doors showroom for our customers. We also took delivery of a fleet of seven brand new vans for our installers. I would never have thought back in March 2020 that all of this would be achievable.

“In summary, 2020 has been the most difficult but rewarding year in my working life to date. To achieve what we have achieved under the circumstances has proved to me the sky really is the limit for us.  2021, Bring it on!”

Polar Windows supports the marketing and economic growth of the town through Chesterfield Champions, a network of over 180 organisations across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.


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Have your say on ambitious regeneration plans for Chesterfield

People are being encouraged to have their say on ambitious plans to transform the area between the town centre and Chesterfield Train Station – creating a vibrant gateway to North Derbyshire and setting out potential sites to create around 850 new jobs.

The HS2 Station Master Plan was approved by the council’s Cabinet on 2 February and will now be put out for public consultation. Residents, businesses, train passengers and visitors to the town can have their say between 8 February and 8 March.

The proposals – which can be viewed in an innovative virtual exhibition – set out a vision for the future development of the area and are also designed to make the most of the once-in-a-generation plans for a High Speed Rail (HS2) link at Chesterfield.

Councillor Tricia Gilby, Leader of Chesterfield Borough Council, said: “Despite the challenging economic times posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Chesterfield is not standing still and we’re pressing ahead with our £1 billion growth programme – carving out a prosperous future for our borough, while creating jobs and homes for local people.

“Our HS2 Station Master Plan is a key element of this work and we’re now asking for local people, businesses, train passengers and visitors to give us their views to help shape the future of our town.

“We want to create a vibrant gateway to North Derbyshire and the Peak District, to better connect this key site to our town centre, and to bring unused and underused land back to life for the benefit of local people. The proposals also have sustainability at their heart – setting out infrastructure improvements to support cycling, walking and better access for public transport.”

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions in place, people are being invited to take part in a virtual consultation, with an online exhibition setting out the key proposals. They include:

  • Establishing the principle of new development plots to accommodate a mix of uses with the potential to generate a minimum of approximately 850 jobs
  • A new station link road (a through route) between Brimington Road and Hollis Lane with improved public transport access
  • Closure of the A61 on-slip road
  • A new public ‘boulevard’ for pedestrians and cyclists (including segregated cycle lanes) leading from the station to Corporation Street
  • Replacement of the existing A61 footbridge between the station area and Corporation Street with a new wider bridge, including a segregated cycle route.
  • Suggested changes to Corporation Street to improve accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists whilst retaining vehicle access to businesses.
  • A ‘transport hub’ including a multi-storey car park (with around 550 bays) and charging points for electric vehicles
  • A cycle hub with e-bike hire and secure cycle parking
  • An overall layout that has the potential for a higher quality of natural habitats including more tree planting
  • A new station forecourt to better accommodate buses, coaches, taxis and a drop off/collection point.
  • A continuous cycle link from Hollis Lane area through to Crow Lane

Councillor Gilby added: “Our proposals also seek to harness the once-in-a-generation opportunity presented to our region by the HS2 project – a chance to cement Chesterfield’s position as a thriving place to invest and do business.

“But it’s important to note that this plan can be delivered ahead of – and independently to – the national project if needed.

“This is a flagship plan for our borough’s future, and we’re keen to hear the views of as many people as possible. Their input will help shape the final version of the Master Plan, which will be used to drive forward regeneration in the town centre.”

Funding for regeneration at and around the station and the preparation of a masterplan has been obtained by Chesterfield Borough Council and Derbyshire County Council through both the Sheffield City Region (SCR) and East Midlands (D2N2) Local Economic Partnerships.

Visit to find out more and access the consultation, which is being run by consultants AECOM. Online materials include a 3D ‘fly-through’ video of how the site could look. (Please note, the virtual exhibition cannot be accessed until the consultation opens on Monday 8 February).

Hard copies of the documents can also be requested and will be provided in a Covid-safe way – please call 01246 959707.

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Recognition for Woodhead Group’s commercial Manager

As a challenging 2020 drew to a close, Michael Broadhurst, Commercial Manager at Robert Woodhead Ltd, was the pin point of positivity and encouragement for the future. A major achievement for Michael was receiving the G4C Future Leader Award at the East Midlands Constructing Excellence Awards in December.

Michael first joined the company as part of his Degree at Sheffield Hallam in Building Surveying. The sandwich course he embarked on enabled him to build on his skills as a Trainee Project Co-ordinator on a 1 year placement.

Michael impressed so much during his placement that the company offered him the chance to continue his degree part time whilst continuing employment. He was part of a number of award winning projects such as the Cross Street Eco Town development whist completing his degree, graduating with a 1st Class Honours.

Michael has adopted the businesses values of Robert Woodhead ltd; Collaboration, Respect, Courage and Integrity, which are major elements to flourishing within his role.

He said: “It’s the team work approach, living and breathing our values and the collaboration between one another which ends in great results. The company invested in me that I am hugely grateful for and that’s a testament to them and the belief in their employees.

“The hard work by all is prominent throughout the company. Coaching and mentoring one another gives others the confidence for progression. Everyone joins together to allow collaborative progression and growth as a whole.”

His clear work ethic portrayed throughout his role enabled Michael, when he was 26 years old, to scoop the Young Achiever Award back in 2016 at the Constructing Excellence Awards.

Since this achievement Michael has received outstanding mentoring and support from Chris Tutin and Alistair Taylor, both Associate Directors of Robert Woodhead Limited.

Chris commented on Michael’s progression and determination to succeed within his role: “I have had the privilege of working alongside Michael for a number of years. As a Project Co-Ordinator he showed an immense amount of promise. I am glad to say that through his own hard work that promise has seen him develop into a substantially competent QS and more recently a deserved Commercial Manager.

“I am proud to call Michael a colleague and friend and am so pleased that his dedication has been recognised with this award. As the title suggests, I expect Michael to become a Future Leader within our industry one day.”

Michael believes the key to adopting and pursuing the correct skills to become a leader all branches from collaboration. The “honesty and trust” which is developed between colleagues is a vital piece in the jigsaw to becoming a confident and respected leader.

Shanice Wallace, Quantity Surveyor at Robert Woodhead Ltd commented on the mentoring she received from Michael over the years: “Michael is a great mentor, he allows the learning process to flow naturally and is always there to provide support when needed. His expertise has definitely been invaluable in my journey to becoming a Quantity Surveyor.”

A small piece of advice from Michael for others starting their journey in the industry was: “You can’t be a successful leader, if you don’t have a successful team working collaboratively. Go that extra mile and take the time to continually develop yourself and encourage others around you to flourish.”

Woodhead Group supports the marketing and economic growth of the town through Chesterfield Champions, a network of over 180 organisations across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

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