Made in Chesterfield

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Made in Chesterfield Campaign

Raising the profile of the manufacturing and engineering sector within Chesterfield and ensuring businesses are aware of funding and training opportunities is the key aim of the Made in Chesterfield campaign.

Outcomes: By December 2015 the projects of Destination Chesterfield will see….

A raised awareness of the importance and success of manufacturing and engineering for Chesterfield.

Key Activity

  • Chesterfield Manufacturing and Engineering Forum
  • Promotion of careers in manufacturing and engineering working with schools, colleges and businesses to attract interest in the sector
  • ‘Made in Chesterfield Festival’ to celebrate Chesterfield and North Derbyshire manufacturing businesses
  • Promotion of funding and skills opportunities in the sector

Performance Indicators

  • Chesterfield Manufacturing and Engineering Forum: At least 20 businesses attending and engaging with the forum on a regular basis
  • Made in Chesterfield Festival: Festivals delivered in 2014 and 2015
  • Schools and manufacturing: five schools across Chesterfield working with local manufacturers by December 2015
Made in Chesterfield United Cast Bar Tour

Made in Chesterfield

Made in Chesterfield is a celebration of the manufacturing industry in the town. The festival takes place in November and looks to inspire young people

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Ivan Fomin

Ivan Fomin

Ivan Fomin is Managing Director of MSE Hiller and a Destination Chesterfield Board Member

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Destination Chesterfield Logo

Destination Chesterfield

Destination Chesterfield is responsible for developing a co-ordinated approach to marketing the town

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