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Sustainable Chesterfield Campaign

Chesterfield Borough Council announced a climate emergency in July 2019 and has subsequently develop a plan to tackle climate change across the borough.

D2N2 LEP has ambitious plans to change the region from one of the worst for carbon generation in the country to one of the best.

Destination Chesterfield’s role will be to support with the promotion of best practice and opportunities for business and residents through our marketing activity.

Sustainability is a key theme which runs through the activity in Destination Chesterfield plan and activity.

Key Activity 2020 -2023

  • Aim to attract low carbon and green businesses to Chesterfield as part of the invest in Chesterfield activity
  • Introduce sustainability categories to the Chesterfield Food and Drink Awards and High Street Awards.
  • Host at least one Champions Event or elements of Champions Events on this subject a year.
  • Build the sustainability theme into our marketing activity, giving a high profile to those that are leading the way.
  • Become a Plastic Free Ally.
Green Arch Consulting

Green Arch Consulting

Green Arch Consulting is a specialist sustainability coaching brand, training and supporting businesses of all sizes in all sectors to develop sustainability strategies for sustainable profits.

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Custom Solar Chesterfield Champion

Custom Solar Ltd

A renewable energy company specialising in solar PV.

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Ivan Fomin MSE Hiller Chesterfield Champion

MSE Hiller

MSE Hiller designs and supplies mechanical separation equipment (centrifuges) to any industry that requires solids separating from liquids.

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