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Business Doctors Workshop- Parlez-vous Accounting? Business Finance explained

As business owners we are expected to be experts in so many areas, HR, Finance, supply chain, Sales & Marketing to name a few. But for many, business finance is the most confusing – almost like a foreign language.

With balance sheets & EBITDA, operating profit, net profit, and gross profit – and that’s before we get to assets & liabilities, double entries, and nominal codes. Do you nod your head and smile knowingly when someone, usually your accountant, asks if you understand the numbers?

We have created this workshop for business owners with the aim of lift the veil and revealing which numbers are the most important for a business owner to be on top of.

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BSI's Net Zero Week 2021

Be part of the solution by joining the British Standards Institution (BSI) for their Net Zero Week 2021 where five consecutive days are given over to FREE webinars that tackle the pre-eminent issue of our time across seven key sectors.

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Online Rhymetime- Derbyshire Libraries

Derbyshire Libraries know that a lot of families enjoy stories and rhymes in their local libraries. To try and fill the gap, the team have been busy preparing a classic collection of rhymes and songs to keep your little ones entertained!

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