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General Election Business Briefing (North Derbyshire)

In the run-up to the 2019 General Election, the voice of business needs to be heard at a time of prolonged political instability and investment uncertainty. For this reason, East Midlands Chamber has brokered a briefing that enables the business community to directly engage with the candidates for local parliamentary seats on the issues that matter.

Following an address in which each Party will present its own vision of an incoming Government’s support for SMEs, businesses will be invited to interact with them in an informal Q&A session to compare their respective positions on a broad range of topical issues.

Event Agenda

  1. Introductions and welcome
  2. The View from Westminster: the Conservative Party – Lee Rowley; North East Derbyshire
  3. The View from Westminster: the Liberal Democrat Party – Emily Coy; Chesterfield
  4. The View from Westminster: the Labour Party – Toby Perkins; Chesterfield
  5. The View from Westminster: the Brexit Party – John Scotting; Chesterfield
  6. Interactive discussion
  7. Summary / Next Steps
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