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Grow Your Sales- Business Doctors Workshops

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. But the traditional view of the salesperson with “the gift of the gab” is outdated. Modern sales requires a specific combination of skills and techniques. In this series of 90 minute workshops, we lift the lid on how to create and run a sales process to keep your pipeline full through 2021.

You can book all 4 workshops or pick the session where you need to up your game. (The Understanding People through Colours workshop is an ideal companion to any of these sessions)

• Maximising your Business Profit- Tuesday, 10th November

  • What is your business Why and what is your Purpose? (and what’s the difference?)
  • What makes your business different and why do people do business with you?
  • Where should you focus your energy for maximum profit?

• Key Sales Skills- Thursday, 19th November 

  • Master the 3 levels of listening
  • Deciding which hat to wear today
  • Why you should think like a doctor

• Building your Sales Funnel- Thursday, 3rd December

  • Finding your ideal customer and creating content for your audience
  • Building a sales funnel o Creating content for your audience

• Building Sales with your Existing Customers- Wednesday, 9th December

  • Why it costs 60 – 600% more to sell to a new client rather than an existing one
  • The 3 R’s of existing customers
  • Planning for success

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BSI's Net Zero Week 2021

Be part of the solution by joining the British Standards Institution (BSI) for their Net Zero Week 2021 where five consecutive days are given over to FREE webinars that tackle the pre-eminent issue of our time across seven key sectors.

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Online Rhymetime- Derbyshire Libraries

Derbyshire Libraries know that a lot of families enjoy stories and rhymes in their local libraries. To try and fill the gap, the team have been busy preparing a classic collection of rhymes and songs to keep your little ones entertained!

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