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HS2 – Work With Us Wednesdays

Attend these onboard local weekly webinars to find out more about the ways you can get your business ‘HS2 ready’.

HS2 Ltd is holding a series of 8 free weekly webinars for businesses local to the line of the new railway. These will help you understand more about the HS2 supply chain, how it works, and how you can be involved.

Experts will provide guidance on some of the platforms and processes that HS2 Ltd and its partners will use to bring businesses onboard. They will also highlight some of the key values and commitments that they are looking for from businesses interested in becoming part of the HS2 supply chain.

Each webinar will last 45 minutes and provide you with the opportunity to ask questions directly to members of the team.


24th June – Top tips on bidding for work on the HS2 Project 

Procurement can sometimes be complex, so the team will give you an overview of the HS2 process and top tips on how to make your bid stand out.

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1 July – An introduction to Compete For

HS2 supply chain opportunities will be advertised using the CompeteFor online platform. This session will guide you through setting yourself up and getting the most out of it.

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8 July – Upskill with Supply Chain Sustainability School

Learn about the free online resources on offer to help develop your business and gain the skills and certifications that will help you to win work on projects like HS2.

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15 July – Understand why communities are important

The aspiration is to be a good neighbour, focusing on putting engagement with communities at the heart of everything we do. Learn how this is reflected within the supply chain and what your business can do to demonstrate how you will help to achieve this goal.

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22 July – Understand health and safety commitments

Hear how the priority of health and safety is reflected in the supply chain. Learn about HS2’s seven key areas of focus and discover how you can demonstrate your delivery of these in the context of working in the HS2 supply chain.

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29 July – Understand environmental commitments

They are looking to the supply chain for innovative approaches to help further minimise our impact on the environment. Hear about some of the mitigation measures that the supply chain will need to demonstrate and how your business could stand out through eco-friendly innovations and activities.

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5 August – Understand equality, diversion & inclusion (EDI) commitments

The aim is to create a high-performance environment that attracts and retains a diverse range of people. Hear about how this can bring benefits to your business, as well as HS2 and learn about how you can showcase and deliver on this commitment.

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12 August – Understand skills, education and employment commitments

HS2 is committed to opening up new opportunities for skills and employment in the UK. Businesses in the supply chain play a key part in this. Hear about some of the ways you can help to deliver this ambition, through working with schools, supporting apprentices and upskilling the local workforce.

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