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MSE Hiller gets Shirebrook Academy’s students’ careers on track

A visit to MSE Hiller for three students from Shirebrook Academy during Made in Chesterfield, proved fascinating and has helped cement their dreams for a career in engineering.

The students – Flynn Dodsworth, Matt Preston and Connor Kirk, are all from the school’s Aspire Sixth Form College and studying A Levels in science subjects.  Tracey Horton, Personal Development Coordinator at Shirebrook Academy who accompanied the students on the visit said:  “We wanted to give the students an insight into the professional careers that may be available to them in the area.”

Based in a purpose-built £3million 23,000ft² facility at Markham Vale, MSE Hiller supplies and rents centrifuges and environmental engineering products to the water, food and other industries throughout the UK. MSE Hiller’s centrifuges are enabling multi-national companies to expand into areas where there are water shortages by separating the waste water from the product so it can be re-used.

Ivan Fomin, Managing Director of MSE Hiller and board member responsible for manufacturing and engineering for Destination Chesterfield which organises Made in Chesterfield, said: “No-one in Britain is doing what we are doing. Our products and services are very much in demand and we’re working with the leading names in industry to install state-of-the-art centrifuge technology.”

The students were given a tour of MSE Hiller’s laboratory, where they were able to witness the centrifuge process in action, as well as out on the shop floor where centrifuges are cleaned and serviced. Matt Preston (17) said: “I found it really interesting to see the many parts that make up a centrifuge and how complicated the process is to separate waste materials from water.”

Fellow student Connor Kirk (17) added:  “I wanted to come to MSE Hiller because I want to see how a centrifuge works as well as the whole water treatment process. I want to eventually go to university and study chemistry or biology and then hopefully work in a lab with centrifuges. Coming to MSE Hiller let me see how practical kills are involved in my future career. “

Glyn Dodsworth is also keen to go to university. He said: ““I am interested in engineering and looking at doing mechanical engineering or computational fluid dynamics at University.” Fellow student Matt is considering an engineering apprenticeship when he leaves school. Of the visit to MSE Hiller, he said: “I wanted to experience engineering and what it’s about. It’s also good to add to my personal statement for when I’m applying to engineering companies for jobs.”

Tracy Horton added: “Made in Chesterfield has given us some brilliant opportunities to visit local businesses and give students a real insight into the careers that may be available to them in the future and the skills that employers are going to need. It really helps students see the relevance of the subjects that they are taking in school.”

Made in Chesterfield runs throughout November and is designed to celebrate the local manufacturing and engineering industry. As part of the festival, schools from throughout North East Derbyshire are visiting companies throughout the area to gain hands-on experience and learn about jobs and careers in the sector.

Ivan Fomin added: “Manufacturing is the lifeblood of the economy, feeding other sectors such as retail and leisure, and its continuing success relies on today’s students considering it for a future career. Made in Chesterfield is designed to open their eyes to this and show them the varied job roles available and also how the sector has changed. However, we can only do this of companies come forward and actively get involved.”

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