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The Bolsover School students visit NLT Training Services

Made in Chesterfield - The Bolsover School at NLT Training

Students from the Bolsover School were some of the first to get hands-on experience in engineering recently as part of a programme of schools activity organised for Made in Chesterfield, the engineering and manufacturing festival that is being held throughout November.

Eight year 11 students spent a day at NLT Training Services, the region’s leading training providers in engineering apprenticeships, based in Brimington. The students visited for the day doing practical hands-on activities in welding and electrical and mechanical engineering overseen by specialist trainers.

For one of the students, Tyler Wright (16), the day was particularly memorable as he opted to spend his birthday at NLT. He said: “It was a good chance to get away from the classroom. I like to do practical things and want to become a tree surgeon when I leave school. What we learned was relevant to what I want to do as it showed me how important safety is and listening to instructions.”

Jordan Hope (15) added: “I wanted to see what engineering was like to help me with my career choices. I want a practical job not a desk job. If you’re not sure what you want to do then doing days like this are a really good way to see what other jobs there are out there.”

For student Brandon Graham (15) it was a chance for him to make sure that his chosen career was the right one. He said: “I want to be a brick layer when I leave school, but I thought it would be good to look at other possibilities to make sure that’s what I definitely want to do. I really enjoyed the day, especially using the welding simulator.”

NLT’s welding simulator was a big hit with the students enabling them to get their basic technique right in a safe environment before progressing to real welding. In the workshop the students also learned how to wire a plug and made a metal domino, guided by NLT’s apprentices.

Ryan Foster Edwards (15) added: “I wanted to come to NLT because it’s a great experience before I leave school. I really enjoyed the day, especially the welding and making the dominoes. It was really good to do something different and practical away from the classroom. I liked how it was more relaxed and the tutors treated us like adults.”

The students will all be completing their GCSEs next year and already two of them know that they want to do an apprenticeship. Tyler added: “I want to start earning money straight away and doing an apprenticeship means I can earn money while I‘m doing something interesting.”

It wasn’t just the students who found the visit to NLT useful. Mr Tom Robinson, a science teacher at The Bolsover School, who accompanied the students to NLT said: “Coming to NLT enabled the students to experience what the real world of work is really like. As a teacher I found it really helpful as it’s given me a clearer understanding and better picture of careers on offer. When we’re educating students about the vocational offer it gives me the background and experience to talk more in depth which will ultimately benefit them.”

More students from The Bolsover School are set to visit NLT Training Services during Made in Chesterfield in November as well as students from schools throughout North East Derbyshire.

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