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arvato is a trusted global business outsourcing provider to the public and private sectors in the UK and Ireland. arvato holds a number of long-term, successful partnerships with local authorities across the UK including Chesterfield Borough Council, delivering a range of key services including revenues, benefits, customer services, human resources, payroll, ICT, accounts payable and invoice processing, ‘Security as a Service’ (SECaas) and administrative support services.

Over the lifetime of the partnership, they have committed to transforming local services and creating more than £4 million in cost savings, while investing £1.7 million in new technology and infrastructure.

“The cultural fit between Chesterfield Borough Council and arvato was underpinned by a feeling of mutual interest.  We had a strong sense of being an important component in arvato’s portfolio and that arvato would invest with us in creating a best-practice model for district councils,” says Huw Bowen, Chief Executive, Chesterfield Borough Council.

arvato strongly believes in collaborative working. In the East Midlands region this includes the Chesterfield OJEU framework which means that councils in the region are able to access arvato’s services quickly, without having to go through a lengthy and costly procurement process.  Derbyshire Dales District Council has joined and is already benefiting from the guaranteed annual savings, improved service resilience and increased management capacity.

Since the partnership began in 2010, it has made a positive difference to the lives of Chesterfield residents and created a strong impression on the local and national scene. For example through the public sector apprenticeship programme which has a retention rate of 69%, well above the national average of 23 per cent. The partnership is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce, works closely with the Princes Trust to help disadvantaged young people get onto the career ladder and supports Barrow Hill Roundhouse, Destination Chesterfield and Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

A spokesperson from arvato said:-

“We believe the key to success across our partnerships lies in collaborative working, employee engagement and making a difference in local communities.  arvato is proud to have worked with Chesterfield Champions ever since the start of our partnership with Chesterfield Borough Council. We feel that it is important that we play our part in supporting an organisation that does so much for the town and its residents.”

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Destination Chesterfield

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Arvato supports local young people through digital skills training partnership

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arvato apprenticeship

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