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Essential Site Skills

Essential Site Skills are award-winning providers of health and safety training in the UK. Their expert team of trainers provide a plethora of courses across a range of disciplines relating to construction, plant operations, workplace health and safety, and much more.

Essential Site Skills know the importance of health and safety in the workplace, especially to those working in high-risk industries. Ensuring the safety of workers is not only a legal and moral responsibility, but is also vital to establishing trust between employers, their staff, and their clients. They believe everyone has the right to go to work and return home safely.

Their team of trainers have a wealth of experience of working in construction and allied industries. They know from first-hand experience what information workers need, and how best to communicate this knowledge in an engaging and innovative way. This ensures that all learners leave with the knowledge of how to be safe and efficient in the workplace, meeting their own personal and professional career goals.

As well as health and safety training, they provide a wide range of other training options to help those in and out of work to improve their career prospects, employability and overall skillset. These include NVQs, apprenticeships, and e-learning courses, with funding available for companies or individuals that may otherwise struggle to access training due to financial constraints.

Essential Site Skills are passionate about having a positive impact on the community. They want to use their expertise and experience to help businesses improve the skillset and welfare of their staff. Happy, healthy, and skilled staff is the backbone to growth for any company. They are always looking for opportunities to create new connections and partnerships in the local area to achieve these aims and reach more people.

They are delighted to be a Chesterfield Champion, and hope this status can help them drive forward even more growth and prosperity in the region.

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