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Ferdinand Bilstein UK Ltd

Ferdinand Bilstein UK Ltd is a subsidiary wholly owned by the family run company, Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG.  As a world-leading specialist in the automotive aftermarket, operating since its creation in Germany in 1844, Ferdinand Bilstein combines a high standard of quality products, long-term experience as a manufacturer and supplier, and a dedicated customer focus.

Ferdinand Bilstein’s brands, febi and Blue Print, supply garages and motor factors with high-quality replacement vehicle parts to keep the UK’s vehicles up and running.

Construction was completed at Ferdinand Bilstein UK’s new state of the art distribution centre on the northern plot of Markham Vale, Chesterfield in 2017.  Uniting all the company’s logistics and distribution in one central location, the site is now operational, with daily shipments being sent around the country.

The new site takes 10 distribution centres divided across the north and south of England, and turns them into one huge central warehouse.  This improves the company’s efficiency and service for the whole of the UK and Ireland. The site also helps to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, by reducing deliveries from two different sites, and with less travel distances to reach our customers.

The warehouse at Markham Vale is part-automated, with sophisticated, state of the art machinery.  The Order Picking System (OPS), called Witron, is loaded with stock ready to be picked, which is sent out to packing benches in priority-order.  Not only does this speed up and improve the efficiency of picking and packing, it saves the firm’s employees from too much heavy lifting!  You might have seen it on BBC or ITV news during discussions about robotics in the workplace, or Destination Chesterfield’s latest Invest in Chesterfield video.

By purchasing the land and building a bespoke warehouse, Ferdinand Bilstein UK Ltd has set itself up for long term prosperity in Chesterfield, ensuring security and consistency for its customers and staff, with room for future development.

With over 185 staff now on site, the midlands site is bustling with activity from dawn until dusk, ensuring quality products make it swiftly and safely to customers.

Paul Dodgson, Operations Director at Ferdinand Bilstein UK Ltd, said:-

“Markham Vale offers excellent transport links for our distribution requirements and close proximity to some of our biggest customers.  A major national Hub for our UK business, it allows us to deliver an even quicker and quality client service, with later collection times and next day deliveries.”

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