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JMJ Pottery was established in 1996 by Janine Mannion-Jones who set up a workshop on Ashgate Road before moving to Chatsworth Road in 2001, where she now has a shop – JMJ Pottery – as well as a self catering three star gold holiday flat above.

Janine has been potting since the age of seven when she attended Saturday morning art classes at the Penmore site of Chesterfield College of Art and was tutored by Chris Yensen. She continued her pottery throughout her working life and at the age of 40 when she gave up her day job as a Home Economics teacher she went to the Chesterfield Road site of West Nottinghamshire College and completed a National Diploma in Three Dimensional studies and  an A level in Three Dimensional Art.

At her studio Janine throws stoneware clay to make domestic pots that are oven, dishwasher and microwave proof. The pots are twice fired. A bisque firing to 960 degrees centigrade, then individually glazed in glazes that have been developed by Janine. The pots are then glaze fired to 1260 degrees centigrade to make them into a vitreous stoneware that is very resilient. Names and dates can be added. All pots are individual and bespoke.  Janine currently has two support workers to help with the heavy work of lifting and carrying, making glazes and recycling clay.

Janine says she has always enjoyed living in Chesterfield:-

“Chesterfield is a great place to live, the natives are friendly and welcoming, the town is clean and has good estates with lots of open space, the council does good work to keep Chesterfield working well.”

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JMJ Pottery Chesterfield Champion

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