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St Thomas’ Centre

St Thomas ’ Centre is part of St Thomas’ Church in Brampton. It’s a lively evangelical Anglican Christian Church that simply seeks to help people connect with God and with one another. That’s why a new £1m centre was built – to help people ‘get together’; whether that’s over a coffee in the new Coffee Bar or as a group in one of the fantastic meeting rooms, or in some other way.

The organisation has been serving the area for a long time so they knows what a great place Chesterfield is in which to live and work. Its doors first opened in 1831 and so the team can truly say they’ve shared in the ups and downs of the town. Through those times, like many organisations, changes have had to be made in order to keep pace with shifts in society but through that time they’ve held on to their core values. One of those values is believing that God has a real heart for Chesterfield.

Operations Manager, Sally- Anne Beecham says:-

“As an organisation we passionately want to see our town achieve its full potential under God. We’re glad to partner with any organisation that wants to see Chesterfield flourish too. It’s great to witness the ascendancy of our town in recent years – it’s well deserved and come about by lots of hard work and clear thinking – we know there are challenges ahead, but we believe that all challenges can be overcome by champions and we want to be play our part in helping write the next chapter in our town’s success story, not just to be a footnote in its history!”

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Destination Chesterfield

Destination Chesterfield is responsible for developing a co-ordinated approach to marketing the town

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Exhibition: Down t’Pit

This exhibition at Chesterfield Museum & Art Gallery explores the local area's rich coal mining history and what life was like for miners.

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ST Thomas Centre

St Thomas Centre

Book your conference or meeting at this stunning, stone-built venue, located in the beautiful grounds of St Thomas’s Church.

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St Thomas' Centre

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