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Destination Chesterfield

Chesterfield Market Hall at Night

Destination Chesterfield

Our Purpose

Destination Chesterfield is responsible for developing a co-ordinated approach to promoting our town.

Our aim is to raise the profile of Chesterfield| by harnessing its location, potential and confidence to establish its role as a contemporary destination, nestled on the border of the world famous Peak District and adjacent to Sheffield.

Working with residents and business we will develop the confidence to make Chesterfield a contemporary desirable place to live|, do business|, invest|, and visit |

Our Values

Destination Chesterfield works in partnership with existing organisations to maximise the positive promotion of the town to internal and external audiences to ensure perceptions are in parallel with the changing face of Chesterfield|.

Chesterfield Barbara Hepworth Sculpture


• To co-ordinate and influence Chesterfield’s marketing activity. Working with partners to ensure the town’s vision is represented, whilst identifying gaps in place marketing and developing innovative marketing campaigns to reach out to those audiences.  

• To promote and change perceptions of Chesterfield, delivering tangible, measurable results in terms of promotional coverage and investment.

• To grow a network of businesses from the private, public and third sector that collaborate and proactively promote Chesterfield to internal and external markets and deliver a range of benefits to these stakeholders.

Target Audiences

• Individuals and organisations who live, work and do business, in and around Chesterfield

• Media in the Midlands and South Yorkshire

• Investors, media and visitors across the UK

Chesterfield Champions
The Chesterfield Champions| scheme is a powerful network helping to drive the development of our economy, shape our future and showcase all that is good about us.
It's a direct statement of belief from organisations about their commitment to Chesterfield| and its successful future. It is also about providing organisations with access to a range of services and support that will have a direct impact on their success as well as increasing Chesterfield’s profile.

Destination Chesterfield