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Champion of the Week

Meet our Champion of the Week: Tim Curbbun, Beauty Therapy and Media Make-up Assessor and Lecturer at Chesterfield College

My name is Tim Curbbun. I am a Beauty Therapy and Media Make-up Assessor and Lecturer at Chesterfield College working with students, apprentices and employers. I have been involved in the industry for over 10 years, originally working in retail and then later in a salon.

The beauty therapy industry has always been a passion of mine, but I wanted to take it further and make a difference to people’s lives. I felt like I had the potential to be a good teacher so I wanted to combine that with my passion for the beauty industry.

Whilst working and progressing in retail, I continued to study at a make-up academy and at Chesterfield College. My tutors at college spotted potential in me and encouraged me to complete a teaching qualification. I recently graduated from Chesterfield College’s University Centre after completing a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education and I was named as the student of the year which was a great accolade and will allow me to develop my teaching career further.


What are the main benefits of working/running a business in Chesterfield?

I work closely with many of the beauty and make-up businesses in the town and it is wonderful to see how so many of them support people who will become the future of the industry.  It is really rewarding being part of students learning and supporting them into their career at the same time as working with businesses to develop their staff.


Which local business would you recommend and why?

There is such a variety of businesses out there to choose from offering something for everyone. For a great value pamper or a smart hairstyle I would recommend Looks, Chesterfield College’s hair and beauty business. Prices are extremely reasonable and definitely not worth missing. Students complete treatments alongside qualified professionals which means you get a great service too.


How would you describe Chesterfield to a potential visitor?

Chesterfield is an up and coming town with some great businesses offering people in the area a fantastic choice of good places to shop, eat, relax and study. Chesterfield College is a plays an important role in the town offering opportunities for people to get the skills and qualifications they need at different stages of their life. It is a great place to learn and love working there!


Which development do you think will most benefit the town?

I’m excited to see how the town centre developments impact on the many businesses we work with at college and what opportunities they offer our students. I really think they have fantastic potential to give Chesterfield a brighter future. I hope they also give local people the chance to develop their careers in the town.


Which events are working well in Chesterfield and what kinds of events would you like to see in the future?

There are lots of great events in Chesterfield already. It would be good to create an event that really showcased the range of businesses based in the town to promote what we have to offer to visitors and give people the feeling of what our town is about.


What excites you most about the future of Chesterfield?

The new developments which promise to breathe new life into the town are really exciting because of the employment opportunities they offer for our students.


Where in Chesterfield would you recommend for a lunchtime treat?

My favourite has always been Lilypad Café and Restaurant. You always get great service, gorgeous food and it is a great place to socialise with family and friends.


What can we change or develop further within Chesterfield’s town centre to help it thrive?

Introduce different businesses into the heart of the town to give it variety and meet the needs of what local residents and visitors want to see. Something which makes us stand out and achieve the buzz the market of days gone by used to create.


How does working in Chesterfield differ from where you’ve worked before?

Since working at Chesterfield College I have had great job satisfaction. It’s a great feeling being part of people’s personal development and supporting people into their careers. Chesterfield offers lots of opportunities for those who are dedicated to get into their dream career because of supportive employers and the range of ways you can develop your skills.


What advice would you give to someone establishing a business/beginning work in Chesterfield?

I would advise anyone starting out to have a clear focus on what you enjoy doing and to make sure you use that passion to get where you want to be. Continually developing yourself and your business will help you to keep focussed and have a successful future.

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