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Geeks Headquarters

Geeks Headquarters is a unique family owned retail store that specialises in a wide range of gaming products, such as boardgames, trading card games, miniature games and roleplaying games, with an eye for collectibles and comics. They also produce unique custom made 3d printed items as additional service for our customers.

Opened in 2015, the shop has thrived thanks to a large gaming community of all ages, based locally and in the surrounding areas. The events and tournaments hosted by GHQ (as the shop is know by now) have attracted a big crowd of gamers from all the midlands and even further, bringing to Chesterfield an injection of tourism and business.

The highly prepared staff always gives the best information to the customers to guide them into the perfect purchase that suits their needs. There is always a good vibe in the shop, with a friendly non-judgemental environment that makes everyone welcome.

Alberto, one of the owners says:-

“Since I was a college student in Italy I always had the dream of owning and running a shop like this, where everyone could enjoy their games and relax themselves with friends, with a true feeling of community. Chesterfield has made this dream come true and I will always be thankful.”

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