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Celebrating years of service at Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Almost 650 years of service with the NHS has been clocked up by staff at Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

The trust held its first celebratory event last month to recognise colleagues who have been employed by the NHS for 20, 30 and 40 years.

Joyce Allen, Senior II Physiotherapist and Stephen Bacon, Mechanical Team Leader both celebrated four decades of service.

Stephen Bacon has the distinction of being the longest-serving person at Chesterfield Royal Hospital; a title he’s likely to hold for some time.

Eleven members of staff celebrated 30 years and eleven celebrated 20 years.

Stephen Bacon explains: “I actually started at this site in Calow in 1982, two years before it opened, to work on what was then a new build. I joined the trust in 1975 as the first of a set of apprentices, the current head of facilities, Chris Tann was in the final batch.

“I was a mechanical craftsman at the old Royal, working my way up to Mechanical Maintenance Manager and when I got offered the job of Energy Manager I couldn’t turn it down.

“People often ask me what’s kept me here but in truth I’ve been trying to leave for 30 years but great opportunities keep coming up that I couldn’t turn down. But seriously it’s the people and staff who work here, there are some real characters within the Estates team and I’ve had a very good 40 years here.”

The occasion also marked Interim Chief Executive, Tony Campbell’s first public event. Commending employees during celebrations, Tony said: “This event is for you; it’s a token of thanks for all of the effort and commitment you have shown this hospital and all of those who use and work in it for such an extraordinary length of time.

“To be in the company of 650 years of experience is incredible and it’s at times such as those within which we find ourselves that we need you to bring that level of experience to bear.”

Chesterfield Royal Hospital’s first long-service celebration took place on Friday 18th March and was organised by the trust’s Voluntary Services Co-Ordinato,r Helen Kirkwood. The full list of those recognised can be seen below.

Chesterfield Royal Hospital long serviceCelebrating 20 years of service:-

Janice Kirk – Patient Services Assistant
Claire Metcalfe – Assistant General Manager
Deborah Crofts – Newborn Hearing Screener
Suzanne Yates – Patient Records Clerk
Mary Fry – Patient Services Assistant
Deborah Farr – Adult Audiology Manager
Sarah Crockett – Theatre Storekeeper
Tina McCall – Hearing Screener
Catherine Smith – Senior Physiotherapist
Karen Gibbons – Assistant Practitioner
Vicky Glossop – Support Worker


Celebrating 30 years of service:-

Kirsten Grafton – Microbiology Assistant
Denise Penney – Sister
Sally Burr – Staff Nurse
Sarah Adams – Nurse Practitioner
Michael Boulton – Pathology Van Driver
Patricia Eland – Senior Midwifery Sister
Yvonne Hawkins – Midwife
Wendy Hill – Management Accountant
Nicky Payne – Senior Staff Nurse
Florence Powell – Sister
Philip Raynor – Consultant Anaesthetist


Celebrating 40 years of service:-

Joyce Allen – Senior II Physiotherapist
Stephen Bacon – Mechanical Team Leader

Chesterfield Royal Hospital Long Service Celebratory event March 2016

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