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State-of-the-art wellness clinic opens in Chesterfield

360 Wellbeing Centre is a new state-of-the-art clinic, now open on Chatsworth Road in Chesterfield, offering a range treatments looking at all aspects of bodily, spiritual and mental wellness.

To celebrate their opening, the clinic has organised the 360 Wellbeing Seminar at Chesterfield’s Proact Stadium on 19th March, to give the local people an opportunity to meet the team, learn about what the clinic has to offer and to increase their knowledge of health and wellness related subjects.

Commenting on the event, Samantha Woodcroft, one of founding Directors of the clinic said: “Despite the advances in science, the research shows an continuing annual increase in conditions such as heart disease, anxiety, depression, cancer and type 2 diabetes. These are all conditions that can positively affected by good nutritional practice and supplementary treatments.”

“Helping people to address and overcome their health challenges is one of our primary reasons for being and we thought hosting a seminar would be an appropriate way to celebrate the launch of 360 Wellbeing whilst sharing some high quality speeches from leading experts in their field with the people of Derbyshire.”

The event has designed to be a fast-paced and engaging affair with short speeches covering a range of subjects. Attendees will enjoy a Gratitude Bag with gifts worth at least £60. Local Wellness Therapists in attendance will also have an opportunity to meet the 360 Wellbeing team and schedule some time for a formal meeting to discuss joint venture options.

Samantha added: “As well as hosting an agenda that we think offers subjects that will interest those local people who are focused on improving their mental and physical health, we are keen to add to our services and will seek to work with quality local therapists. We will also be explaining our recruitment process for this at the seminar”.

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