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What better way to to find out about apprenticeships than hear it straight from current apprentices in Chesterfield.

A number of current apprentices in Chesterfield – from a different range of companies – all gave their opinion on why apprenticeships are a good opportunity and how they can change your way of learning and get the experience of a working life.

“I could specifically tailor the training to exactly what I needed” – Sam Wood, Stephenson’s Tea and Coffee House

“Don’t listen to others when they say apprenticeships are a bad idea, they aren’t and it has changed my life” – Ben Leach, In The Works PR.

“It’s a bonus that you get to earn while you learn” – Connie Shaw,  Mitchells Chartered Accountants.



Connie Shaw – Mitchells Chartered Accountants

Connie was undertaking a Level 3 BTEC in Business Study and Finance, with the intention of going on to university and becoming a Chartered Accountant.

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Sam Wood – Stephenson’s Tea and Coffee House

Sam was doing his first year of A Levels (Biology, Geography and Psychology) when he decided that it wasn’t for him.

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former apprentices in Chesterfield

Former apprentices in Chesterfield

A number of the town’s business leaders and figureheads started their careers as former apprentices and are now making waves nationally

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