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Current apprentices in Chesterfield

current apprentices in Chesterfield

Current apprentices in Chesterfield

What better way to find out about apprenticeships than hear it straight from current apprentices in Chesterfield.

A number of current apprentices in Chesterfield – from a different range of companies – all gave their opinion on why apprenticeships are a good opportunity and how they can change your way of learning and get the experience of a working life.

“It was the only school option I got given that made sense to do with how I learn.”

Fraser Bowman – Peak Pipe Systems

“Through my course, I’ve enjoyed learning new things and taking knowledge away from skilled and experienced workers, using that to help guide me on a daily basis.”

Eve Bennet – MSE Hiller

“Earning while you’re learning is always a positive but to gain hands-on work experience while you’re learning really appealed to me.”

Courtney Walton – Polar Windows

“I chose to do an apprenticeship as I want to develop and learn new skills that will help me throughout my career.”

 Jordan Wheatley – Essential Site Skills Ltd 

“I enjoyed learning about different aspects of management and gaining an understanding of this for future career opportunities.”

Elizabeth Hulbert – Chesterfield Borough Council

Become an apprentice in Chesterfield

Become an Apprentice

If you want to become an apprentice in Chesterfield use the tool to search through hundreds of vacancies available in Chesterfield.

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