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What better way to to find out about apprenticeships than hear it straight from current apprentices in Chesterfield.

A number of current apprentices in Chesterfield – from a different range of companies – all gave their opinion on why apprenticeships are a good opportunity and how they can change your way of learning and get the experience of a working life.

“I could specifically tailor the training to exactly what I needed” – Sam Wood, Stephenson’s Tea and Coffee House

“Don’t listen to others when they say apprenticeships are a bad idea, they aren’t and it has changed my life” – Ben Leach, In The Works PR.

“It’s a bonus that you get to earn while you learn” – Connie Shaw,  Mitchells Chartered Accountants.

Niamh Dicks – Heathcotes Group

“When you’re looking for an apprenticeship, have a good look around everywhere, not just on the government website. There are so many places where you can find apprenticeships and, once you find the right one, it’s definitely worth it.”

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Chesterfield borough Council Apprentice Town apprenticeship week

Caitlin Smith- Chesterfield Borough Council

“Not every opportunity is out there on the internet. If there’s something you’ve really got your heart set on, go into workplaces and ask them if they are willing to think about taking on an apprentice.”

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former apprentices in Chesterfield

Former apprentices in Chesterfield

A number of the town’s business leaders and figureheads started their careers as former apprentices and are now making waves nationally

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