Made in Chesterfield

Why Should My School Get Involved?

There are many reasons for a school to get involved in Made in Chesterfield.  We want to inspire young people about the opportunities for employment in Chesterfield and educate teachers on the wide range of careers there are available in the local economy.  We offer visits for both primary and secondary schools and believe we can support schools in achieving the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Taking part in Made in Chesterfield will:

  • Give your students and teachers an experience that provides careers advice and guidance, informing students of possible careers within local companies.
  • Made in Chesterfield events can be used and be specifically organised to support your curriculum and help meet The Gatsby Benchmarks:
    • A stable careers programme – Made in Chesterfield runs all year round and can be built into any schools careers programme to suit your needs.
    • Learning from labour market information – We run visits to businesses for teachers and careers advisers which can give them important insights into the labour market in Chesterfield.  We also have a useful resources section which links to useful labour market information.
    • Addressing the needs of each pupil – We offer a range of visits into various businesses that can be part of the schools tailored advice and support to that pupil.
    • Linking curriculum learning to careers – Made in Chesterfield is linked to businesses that offer careers that are relative to STEM subjects. Employers may be able to offer subject specific activity to support the schools.
    • Encounters with employers and employees – Made in Chesterfield allows young people to experience workplaces first hand with hand on activities and tours, they will meet employees from the organisation and be able to talk about careers in the sector.  As Made in Chesterfield is a rolling programme of activity it can be accessed throughout a young persons educational journey offering multiple interactions with local businesses.
    • Experience of Workplaces – Made in Chesterfield has delivered workplace experience since 2014.  Over 3000 young period have taken part in visits so far and the new rolling programme of activity will make this far more accessible and flexible for schools.
    • Encounters with Further and Higher Education – The University of Derby are the headline sponsor of made in Chesterfield and their outreach activity is included as part of Made in Chesterfield.  Both Chesterfield College and The University of Derby are board members of Destination Chesterfield and we can facilitate relationships with them both.
    • Personal Guidance- Our visits for teachers and careers advisors can ensure industry knowledge and understand the requirements of employees.  This will assist in providing high quality personal guidance to young people.
  • Help young people prepare for the workplace and improve employability skills.
  • Raise awareness of careers in Engineering, Manufacturing and other STEM-related areas.
  • Promote the study of STEM subjects.

To arrange a visit please select the business you would like to visit and contact Direct Education Business Partnership on 01246 212535 or email:

Tours for Schools

We are pleased to be back offering tours for schools this year, between 8th November and 26th November 2021. These tours allow students to discover more about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths careers in and around Chesterfield.

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