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360 Wellbeing Centre

360 Wellbeing Centre is a state-of-the-art clinic based on Chatsworth Road, offering a range of treatments in bodily, spiritual and mental wellness.

The clinic meets the needs of the local community by embracing local community health projects and offering supplement traditional health care in the Derbyshire area. Their flexible approach allows them to build close links with GP’s, consultants and other health professionals.

The team at 360 Wellbeing use their relevant qualifications and clinical experience to offer a wide range of disciplines to support health and wellbeing. They understand wellbeing is a combination of physical, mental and emotional health.

A wide range of treatments are available including Wellness Assessments, Nutrition, IV Vitamin Drips, Reiki and Reflexology, Enema and Hydrotherapy, CBD Oils and Massage, Screening and Blood Tests plus Ear Irrigation.

360 Wellbeing Centre is Derbyshire’s leading wellness & alternative treatment centre.

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