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VHS Fletchers is a client-focused firm of solicitors dedicated exclusively to crime and regulatory law. Although they have only been established in Chesterfield since Spring 2015, they have been able to draw on the talents of lawyers local to Chesterfield, familiar to the legal community, who have a history of providing specialist legal advice and representation to residents of the town over many years.

The assistance that they provide covers a broader area than may be apparent at first glance.  They provide advice to those arrested at Chesterfield police station and further afield, and if necessary will provide representation before the Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court and Court of Appeal.  They advise in relation to road traffic matters, regulatory investigations and proceedings, benefit fraud, firearms law, business defence and prisoners’ rights.

Many of their clients will be in work or education, and the allegation may simply reflect a momentary lapse in behaviour.  Such lapses can, however, result in far reaching consequences for a current or future career.  Whether a person is wrongly accused or accepts the conduct alleged, early advice and assistance from VHS Fletchers can make a very real difference to their future.

David Gittins, who moved from Nottingham to manage the Chesterfield branch, has been surprised at the close knit business community.  He says:-

“I hope that we are able to offer a valuable local service to those who live and work in the town, whether they be individuals or local businesses.  We will be able to help those whose employment may be at jeopardy following road traffic allegations that could result in a ban.  We can help bring proceedings to a swift conclusion in our client’s favour when we are asked to help early on in an investigation.  We can help firms navigate the complexities of local authority investigations and prosecutions.”

He is keen to help clear up any misconceptions about his role or the expense of legal advice.

David continues:-

“Key advice in the police station will always be free to our clients under the legal aid scheme.

“And I’m always willing to answer how I am able to represent someone if I think they are guilty.  No doubt I’ll be asked that more than once at the Champions networking events.”

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