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summer play season

Hobson’s Choice

The youngest daughters of curmudgeonly bootmaker Hobson are anxious to marry and have eligible suitors who must wait until eldest daughter, practical-minded Maggie, is promised in marriage. Maggie, however has other plans which include freedom from her father’s tyranny, a business and husband of her own. Her choice: Hobson’s shy apprentice Will Mossop.

House Guest

Robert and Stella learn that their son has been kidnapped – not for ransom, but to force them to allow one of the kidnappers to remain in their house. Two other men, supposedly police officers, arrive and reveal that one of the kidnappers has been murdered. Soon, however, it is clear that these two are far from what they seem. A highly exciting thriller, first seen at the West End Savoy Theatre in 1982 with Gerald Harper and Susan Hampshire.

Absent Friends

When their dear old friend Colin loses his fiancée, his married friends invite him round to cheer him up over tea and sandwiches. As the tea starts to pour, it’s clear that trouble is brewing with a wickedly funny blend of jealousy, infidelity and barely concealed loathing. With friends like these, who needs enemies?


  • Pomegranate Theatre



  • £20
  • £19 - concessions
  • £18 - groups of 10+
  • £17 - child

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