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Chesterfield Borough Council branding changed for first time in 40 years

New branding is being introduced to help Chesterfield Borough Council improve customer service, generate more income and save on future design costs.

The council’s branding was originally created 40 years ago and so was not designed with modern publishing needs in mind, particularly for websites or social media.

The new visual identity, produced by Chesterfield-based company Crush Design, continues to feature the town’s famous Crooked Spire and is designed to help attract more people to use services that generate income, such as the council’s leisure centres.

To help the council save money in the future templates are also being produced to enable council staff to create posters or leaflets for events they are running without having the cost of designing each one individually.

Implementation of the branding will be phased in so that items are only replaced when they reach the end of their working life to prevent additional costs. Many uses of the branding can be changed without any cost, such as social media or when producing future leaflets or posters.

Councillor John Burrows, leader of Chesterfield Borough Council and Vice Chair of Destination Chesterfield, said: “At the moment we provide around 60 services. Different teams in the council tell the public about them in different ways and using different visual styles.

“So while they might know we are responsible for rubbish collection they might not know we run the Pomegranate Theatre and Winding Wheel or the parks. Instead they often mistakenly think we are responsible for roads, schools or social care when those are services run by Derbyshire County Council.

“By simplifying the messages we give out and presenting them in a more modern and consistent way people will be able to easily identify what services are run by Chesterfield Borough Council and how to contact us about them.”

A separate organisation, Destination Chesterfield, which is a partnership between private businesses and the public sector, is responsible for marketing Chesterfield as a place to invest in and visit.

In recent years Destination Chesterfield has created an identity to promote Chesterfield which has been used at key gateways to the town, on tourism promotional materials and to promote economic development and regeneration projects.

The council branding has not been changed for 40 years and only applies to services provided by Chesterfield Borough Council. The new branding will not replace any of the work done by Destination Chesterfield to promote Chesterfield.

The council has approved the use of the new branding from late January.

Source:Chesterfield Borough Council



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