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Markham Vale Goes Green

The first business at Markham Vale has been turned green thanks to the region’s experts in solar energy, Custom Solar Ltd.

MSE Hiller will now be totally self-sufficient in electricity following the switch on of the firm’s final Photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Based at a £3 million purpose-built facility at Markham Vale following a move from Clay Cross in 2010, MSE Hiller, supplies and rents centrifuges and environmental engineering products to the water, food and other industries throughout the UK.

The new facility is more than four times the size of the old premises, yet annual energy costs will now be less than half thanks to low energy lighting, efficient heating systems and the recovery of heat and water. Heat from the welding bay will even be recirculated throughout the building and their high speed balancing machine will actually recovers so much energy it will put power back into the National Grid.

Ivan Fomin, Director of MSE Hiller explained: ““With environmental management being a prerequisite for the business with many of MSE Hiller’s customers, and in a period where reporting of carbon footprints and reducing emissions has become such an important aspect when looking to build partnerships with customers, the installation of a renewable energy system like this is a major step forward for the company.

Electricity prices historically have risen at approximately 10% per annum so generating our own electricity like this can protect us against future price rises and ensure that our business is not exposed to uncontrollable growing overheads.”

Pleased to be supporting a fellow Chesterfield Champion to grow, Custom Solar Ltd hopes the project will kick off a green revolution in Chesterfield and the surrounding areas.

Matt Brailsford, Director of Custom Solar Ltd said: “Renewable energy sources like the PV system at MSE Hiller are ideal for any business with their own premises. It doesn’t matter what size the building is, all businesses can benefit from investing in PV systems as the like for like percentage of income and savings is relative to the investment.

“Although the financial benefits are very attractive companies will also benefit from being known as an eco-conscious organisation in terms of marketing.”

Custom Solar Ltd has also recently installed PV systems at both Knights Care Homes including Drovers Call in Gainsborough, and Shorts Accountants of Sheffield and Chesterfield.

Tara Underhill

Senior Destination Chesterfield Coordinator

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