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Top 50 SMEs in North Derbyshire revealed

BHP Chartered Accountants has published this year’s list of top 50 SMEs in North Derbyshire, along with an overview of the economy locally.

Speaking positively about the results, Dominic Staniforth, Partner at BHP said:-

“North Derbyshire continues to be home to a wide variety of businesses which contribute significantly to the economic prosperity and provide a substantial number of employment opportunities which all help, together with fantastic infrastructure links, to ensure that North Derbyshire remains a great place to do business.

“A broad snapshot of the numbers reveals some key trends: the combined turnover of the Top 50 amounting to £734 million, a rise of 18 per cent on the previous year, profitability at £67 million has increased by an impressive 40 per cent and very encouragingly, employment at just under 5,000 employees has shown a nine per cent increase on last year.

“These statistics make impressive reading and show that there continues to be a lot of confidence in the area.”

Download the report and discover the Top 50 SMEs in North Derbyshire in 2016.

Top 50 SMEs North Derbyshire BHP

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