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Russian trawler hulls protected with Cathelco systems

Chesterfield based business Cathelco are supplying hull corrosion protection systems for three trawlers which mark the first stage in modernising the Russian fishing fleet.

The freezer trawlers are being built by the Vyborg Shipyard for the Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet JSC who will operate them in the North and Far East fishing basins.

Each vessel will be equipped with the latest trawl equipment enabling the production of up to 160 tons of raw fish products per day.  The first in the series of vessels, named The Barents Sea, is 86m in length and 17m in breadth will be rated to Ice3 class with hull strengthening to Arc4. The trawler will have an automated fish filleting and canning plant together with facilities for processing fish oil and meal.

The Cathelco impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems will protect the underwater surfaces of the ship’s hulls from corrosion in the most demanding Arctic conditions.

Unlike sacrificial anodes which may have to be changed at every drydocking the ICCP anodes have a life in excess of 15 years. This reduces maintenance costs as well as ensuring that the hull receives reliable protection at all times.

Anna Siodlak who has supervised the project at Cathelco, said:-

“This is one of a number of projects where we have worked in close collaboration with Vyborg Shipyard to provide a technical solution which will work effectively in Arctic waters.”

The purpose of the ICCP system is to neutralise the corrosive activity which occurs on the surface of the hull by enveloping it in a small, but effective impressed electrical current. The system consists of an arrangement of hull mounted anodes and reference electrodes which are wired to a control panel. The reference electrodes measure the electrical potential at the hull/seawater interface and send a signal to the control panel which raises or lowers the output to the anodes accordingly.

Anna Siodlak explained:-

“Systems for fishing vessels are easily installed and usually consist of two aft mounted anodes and reference electrodes, therefore the number of hull penetrations are kept to a minimum.”

Cathelco are world leading suppliers of ICCP systems for vessels of every size ranging from workboats and fishing vessels to cruise vessels and container ships with a record of more than 20,000 installations. They also produce marine growth prevention systems (MGPS) which prevent blockages in seawater pipework caused by bio-fouling.


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