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Staff survey by Peak Pharmacy shows teams feel empowered and motivated

The latest staff survey completed by Peak Pharmacy has shown promising levels of engagement within its Pharmacy teams. Peak Pharmacy is a local, independent pharmacy chain owned by PCT Healthcare.

Having grown from one pharmacy in Chesterfield to now owning and managing over 120 pharmacies in the UK, PCT Healthcare now employs over 1,400 people, with Peak Pharmacy currently employing over 150 people across North East Derbyshire.

The survey of the Peak Pharmacy staff was used to identify where staff were performing well, and where management teams needed to listen to individuals to improve working environments.

The results have shown that a promising 93% of all staff surveyed wanted to give their best at work, whilst 88% of those surveyed felt that their roles positively affected people’s lives. The findings also revealed that 80% of those surveyed felt valued as individuals, which supports Peak Pharmacy’s family culture of empowering their staff and treating them as a priority.

Gill Watters believes that the firm is a strong role model within the town: “As an employee, I find PCT Healthcare has strong company values tied to strong family values, with employers who understand the need for work / life balance.”

“As an individual, I feel valued and that my opinion matters which is very important. All job roles are crucial to the success of the business and this is noted and regularly passed on to staff through meetings, newsletters and social gatherings.”

Director Joe Cattee stated: “In the current high street climate, and the ever growing pressures on the NHS, I’m proud that so many of our staff feel they are treated as individuals within the company, and they’ve identified that our patients & customers are benefiting from their roles. Community pharmacy is currently a changing environment, and we must now endeavour to use the recent findings to improve the conditions and ethos of our staff within the business, and continue to lead the way in supporting the local communities of Derbyshire.”

“I look forward to carrying out the survey again next year, and improving on this year’s results.”

Peak Pharmacy on Ashgate Road is one of the many Peak Pharmacy stores throughout Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

Dom Stevens

Destination Chesterfield Manager

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Peak Pharmacy staff survey

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