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Royal’s Subsidiary Company To Give Staff a Voice on the Board

The new subsidiary company set up by Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is set to offer its employees a ‘voice on the Board’ – to make sure it listens to its staff and takes account of their views when making decisions.

Derbyshire Support & Facilities Services (DSFS) went live at the end of March.  Around 730 staff from IT, finance, estates and facilities, procurement and clinical engineering, transferred to the company taking their NHS terms and conditions with them and protected for at least 25 years.  In a challenging financial environment the move has safeguarded these valuable services and jobs from third party outsourcing, staffing reductions and redundancies.

Directors leading the company have pledged to involve staff in how the organisation is run and improved and as part of this commitment to staff engagement are advertising for three Employee Associate Directors to work in partnership with them on the Board.  The roles are open to all staff working within the subsidiary – as long as they have been in post since at least May 1 2018.  The position attracts a responsibility allowance of £3000 per year on top of salary*.

Speaking about the new development, Managing Director of DSFS, John Williams comments: “This is a really exciting step for our new venture.  Creating a shared sense of purpose, where the Board and its staff work together for the benefit of the company is something we are keen to realise. It’s an important part of the culture we want to develop and embed.

“We’re inviting applications from all interested DSFS staff that want to see our subsidiary grow and succeed.  We are determined to build on the positive staff engagement programme we ran as part of the process of setting up DSFS.”

The three associates will actively participate in Board meetings – enabling directors to use the knowledge and ideas of its workforce and supporting decision-making and improvement.  They’ll act as DSFS ambassadors, championing new initiatives, connecting with colleagues across DSFS teams and promoting opportunities for them to get involved.

The positions are already out to advert – with the new Employee Associate Directors expected to be in post by June 2019.

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