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Preparations in place for progress in Chesterfield during 2020

There is an undercurrent of excitement in Chesterfield. The progress the town made in 2019 means we cannot escape the positivity we feel for 2020.

Forget Brexit and the General Election outcomes, I am proud to say the town has forged ahead with its plans regardless of the political uncertainty of recent years. And it shows.

This year we will see even more projects come out of the ground – Northern Gateway’s new innovation centre, and the office block and family housing being delivered at Chesterfield Waterside being just a few examples.

Chesterfield Borough Council has granted reserved matters approval for the layout, scale, appearance and landscaping of the seven-storey office building at Chesterfield Waterside.

These developments send a clear message to local, national and even international investors and occupiers – Chesterfield is open for business regardless of the political uncertainties.

While many towns and cities chose to bunker down during the last recession, and even in the current climate of political uncertainty, Chesterfield purposefully chose to forge ahead with its plans, looking forward for ways to achieve growth for the town, rather than back.

That positivity is evident in all that has been achieved, and the plans we have for the town going forward in 2020 and beyond.

Did you know that more people are now employed in the businesses at Markham Vale than in its hey day as a colliery?

The brand new 55,000 sq. ft. industrial building at Markham Vale, MV55,  is now available for immediate occupation.

Having successful major regeneration sites like Markham Vale and a council that is open to doing business, means that Chesterfield is now invited to sit at the same table as major cities. I’ve even heard Chesterfield referred to as a small city in investment circles.

We may not be a city, or even want to be one, but what we share with our larger counterparts is a vision to be a centre of success for residents, businesses and investors. There are no small town attitudes where the future of Chesterfield is concerned, there is only room for positivity.

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Blog by Peter Swallow, Chair of Destination Chesterfield

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Chair of Destination Chesterfield

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