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Chesterfield’s Still Blooming with sunflower competition launched by council

Chesterfield Borough Council has launched a new competition for residents called ‘Chesterfield’s Still Blooming’ that aims to find the best sunflowers in the borough.

‘Chesterfield’s Still Blooming’ will run until Wednesday 30 September 2020. Winners will be given a prize and special certificate and will also have the satisfaction of knowing they grew one of the best sunflowers in the borough.

There are three entry categories:

  1. Tallest sunflower – from the top of the soil to the top of the flower (please make sure your picture is taken next to a tape measure).
  2. Largest Sunflower – the largest flower head based on diameter or width (please make sure your picture is taken next to a ruler or tape measure).
  3. Most Sunflowers – plant with the most sunflower heads (please try to make sure all flower heads are visible in your photo).

To enter please send a picture of your sunflower, stating your name and the category you wish to enter to

Whilst growing your flowers, a great way of keeping children engaged is to start a plant diary to track the growth of the sunflower. The council will also be awarding prizes and special certificates for the most creative growth diaries. Please send pictures or copies of your growth diaries along with your entry to

Councillor Jill Mannion-Brunt, cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: “In Bloom is always a great event for Chesterfield because lots of residents, businesses and schoolchildren get involved and help brighten the town and borough.”

“It is such a shame that the event cancelled this year because of the Coronavirus crisis as the Chesterfield in Bloom Committee had been working harder than ever, with Chesterfield selected to represent the East Midlands in ‘Britain in Bloom’.”

“I think this Chesterfield’s Still Blooming is a great way of keeping support for ‘Chesterfield in Bloom’ alive until next year. I hope lots of residents will take this opportunity to grow sunflowers and learn more about the plants in their gardens.”

The council will announce the winners on social media and share some of the best pictures from the competition.

Find out more about the competition on the council’s website here.

Brogan O'Callaghan

Destination Chesterfield Coordinator (Marketing and Investment)

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