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Vicar Lane partners with Derbyshire Adult Community Education in virtual employer challenge for young people

Chesterfield’s Vicar Lane Shopping Centre is working with Derbyshire Adult Community Education (DACES) to run a virtual education programme for young adults in Chesterfield.

Vicar Lane is working with organisers on a ‘Virtual Employer Challenge’, whereby the young people are set a task within a real-life employment environment. Participants will watch a virtual tour of the shopping centre to familiarise themselves with the task at hand on Wednesday 8th July, before working on their ideas.

The task Vicar Lane has set involves the young people imagining they are opening a pop-up shop and deciding what products they would like to sell. They are required to produce a business plan for their business and show how it will fit in with the current retailers at Vicar Lane. At the end of the programme, they have to present their proposed solution back to the employer.

The programme is aimed at young people aged 16 to help them gain the skills they need for the world of work. The programme can lead to apprenticeships, further training and employment.

Proposals will be presented by the learners, back to the centre management team via Zoom on Thursday 23rd July.

Shaun Brown, Centre Manager at Vicar Lane said, “It’s a privilege to be working with a team of young people from the Chesterfield community to help improve their career prospects. Last year’s initiative generated some really exciting results, so we are looking forward to virtually seeing what this group of learners come up with.”

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The Vicar Lane team at the launch of the new screen in February.

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