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New ‘bubble tea’ shop open in Chesterfield

A new shop specialising in popular ‘bubble tea’ drinks has opened on Cavendish Street in Chesterfield Town Centre.

Boba Shack offers a huge range of ‘pick & mix’ bubble tea drinks options as well as a pre-mix menu for those that are unsure of what to order.

The beverage, which has become popular in recent years orginated in Taiwan. It is an iced fruit or milk tea drink which traditionally includes soft and chewy tapioca pearls. It has evolved over the years and now includes the addition of popping bubbles and various other fillings and toppings.

Boba Shack owner, Philip Price explained why the drink has rose to prominence: “It is essentially popular because it fills a gap in the market in terms of dink options. Consider someone wants a drink, either for refreshment or flavour. The options before bubble tea were essentially a canned or bottled drink from a shop or a cup of tea, coffee, or chocolate from a café. Bubble tea sits in the middle of these. Much more flavoursome and exciting than a can of pop and much more tuned to the younger market than a hot cup of coffee.”

Philip also explained how the idea to open the shop came about: “Myself and my business partner Steve Smith were looking for something new to do in Chesterfield afer a few years of virus affected businesses. I realised that over the past two years my daughter has been persuading me and her sister to drive her all the way to Meadowhall and back just to buy a bubble tea. It struck me that if something is so much of a draw then it must be something worth investigating.

“After a short period of research and analysis we decided that Chesterfield should be able to support its own bubble tea shop, even with a much smaller population than Sheffield. So we made the decision to open. Signed the lease for an empty shop on the 4th Feb and opened 15 days later on the 19th. There were a few very long days to make that happen.”

Both Philip and Steve are excited to be bringing another unique offer into Chesterfield Town Centre: “The response and feedback has been amazing. We’ve enjoyed queues outside the shop on numerous occasions in just our first few weeks of opening, and we’ve even been told that we are becoming a reason that people are visiting the town centre. A real destination of sorts for local people, which we feel is a great thing for the town centre and will help other businesses and traders.”

“I think we are seeing a small turn in attitude as new and exciting things start to appear on the town centre. We hope we can play our small part in revitalising the town centre. We are not a franchise or big brand. Just a couple of old blokes who live in Chesterfield and have a real passion to make it an exiting and vibrant town. We’ve invested a lot of time, effort and money into getting up and running, but hopefully, the wonderful people of Chesterfield will appreciate not having to travel for their Bubble Tea anymore.”

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