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Derbyshire Voluntary Action

Derbyshire Voluntary Action is a dynamic and innovative charity that champions the work and changing needs of the health and wellbeing-related Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) in Derbyshire. It provides vital support to a diverse range of local charities and community groups, and it connects people and resources to projects and ideas.

Derbyshire Voluntary Action’s vision is that communities across Derbyshire receive the support they need to be caring, cohesive, inspired and vibrant.

Jacqui Willis, Chief Executive, says: “Our local communities are the reason my team comes to work every day. We actively engage with and support our 320+ members, which range from tiny volunteer-led self-help groups through to local and regional charities delivering projects to the benefit of large numbers of Derbyshire residents. Whatever their size, Derbyshire Voluntary Action’s membership has one key thing in common: it is dedicated to supporting the most vulnerable in our communities, by helping them to maintain and improve their health, wellbeing and personal circumstances.”

Why should local businesses care about the Voluntary and Community Sector?

Thriving communities are those where residents look out for each other, everyone has someone to turn to, people gain satisfaction from the pride they feel in the place they live, and they feel able to influence decisions made about their area.

Derbyshire Voluntary Action looks forward to forging new relationships and partnerships with fellow Chesterfield Champions. Thriving communities are great places to base a business and to employ staff – and it goes without saying that they are great places to do business too.

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