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Recognition for Chamber’s efforts to close employability gap

The work East Midlands Chamber does to help create closer links between business and education has been praised by Government.



The Chamber’s Schools Forum, established to promote better engagement between education sector and the private sector, has been highlighted in a report from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills which looks at the relationship between employers, schools and the National Careers Service (NCS).


The research paper, written by former National Careers Council Chair Dr Deidre Hughes, examines the role of the service in helping employers to work with schools, to the benefit of individuals and businesses.


It holds the Schools Forum up as an example of best practice of schools and businesses working together, stating: “An important element of the forum is to provide information on labour market intelligence relating to area of economic growth and employment opportunities in the region.


“This has been provided by the Local Enterprise Partnership, local authorities, employment and Skills Boards and from research undertaken at local universities.


“The aim of this is to ensure that curriculum development and careers advice is not disjointed and removed from the realities of the needs of local employers.”


East Midlands Chamber, which represents businesses across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, has worked closely with the Department for Education, Ofsted and the Local Enterprise Partnerships for the three counties on a host of skills-related initiatives over the past two years.


And in its recently launched 2015 election business manifesto, it has called for measures to incorporate employment outcomes in secondary school assessments, ensure work experience is embedded into education, champion vocational options in education and ensure there is a clear link between the curriculum and the demands of the local labour market.


Chris Hobson, the Chamber’s Head of Information and Representation, said: “Members frequently tell us that skills shortages are among the biggest problems they face when it comes to recruitment, which is why the Chamber has been working hard to improve the employability skills of school-leavers and young people.


“The work that has been done is an important part of correcting the skills shortages both in the short and longer term. In the short term, it’s vital the Chamber works with others to ensure people in work and those looking for jobs are equipped with the skills to succeed.



“It is gratifying that the hard work has been recognised but while progress has been made there is still more to do on this agenda to help ensure that all young people have the skills, attributes and attitudes employers demand.”

Source:East Midlands Chamber



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