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Escape Room arrives in Chesterfield

Enter. Solve. Conquer [ESC] is Chesterfield’s new premier live action escape rooms. An alternative experience that differs from traditional Chesterfield nightlife; the live action escape rooms are an interesting and unique group activity where teams must work together to solve puzzles, crack codes and figure out how to escape the room before the time limit runs out.

The rooms not only let guests indulge in a variety of games and puzzles, but also provides a creative insight into the towns local history.

Gazz Hayes, speaking on behalf of Escape. Solve. Conquer, said:-

“I feel that Chesterfield was an obvious choice as the place to launch this business, as the vibrant nightlife and entertainment industry here will definitely welcome an escape room. We have plenty of choice for restaurants and drinks and now we can add something a little different.

“Being born in Chesterfield it felt very important for me to use the rich history of our area in the stories of the rooms, particularly in the first trio of rooms. The shadow of the Spire looms largely over the second room and the region as a whole is very much a character in the story.

“I don’t want to give too much away but this is a story that could not have been told anywhere else.”


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