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Patients and staff help to create Chesterfield hospital’s new website

Over the last few months patients and staff from Chesterfield Royal Hospital have contributed to a new and improved website that made its appearance earlier this week.

The site retains its address – – providing a host of up to date information on a range of services based at the hospital and in the community.  It’s been designed taking patient and staff feedback into account, to make it easier for users to find what they need quickly, easily and all within the recommended ‘three clicks’ or less.

Head of Communications Sarah Turner-Saint says: “We’re thrilled with the results and have been working very closely with Frank Design to come up with a site that is easy to use and looks clean and modern.  Unlike our old site this one now automatically adapts to mobile devices – so anyone logging on via their phone or tablet will see a huge difference. It’s a much more colourful and interactive experience for anyone wanting to find out more about our hospital.”

Sarah added: “This site is for everyone who might be coming into hospital, who wants to comment on their experiences or care and treatment, or who might be interested in working for us – so we need to know it functions well and gives them what they need.”

“We are excited about the new launch of the Chesterfield Royal NHS Trust public facing website” said Jamie Wise, Managing Director Frank Health, “our dedicated team at Frank collaborated closely with the Chesterfield team to deliver a high quality website, beautifully designed and built to an exceptional standard.”

The Trust is welcoming more feedback on how the site now it’s up and running – from how information is accessed, to what’s included on the pages. The new website can be found at:

Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Chesterfield Royal Hospital

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