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Blog: Progress is being made!

Peter Swallow, Chair of Destination Chesterfield shares his latest views on the regeneration of Chesterfield.

At the start of 2019, there were various statements made to the effect that this year would be the year that we see progress being made on key developments in Chesterfield. It is now becoming clear that those statements were indeed correct.

The redevelopment of the former Co-op on Elder Way by Jomast Developments has come on in leaps and bounds with the opening of the new Premier Inn hotel officially opened in April.  Further progress will be seen at Northern Gateway in the coming weeks with the opening of the new Saltergate multi-storey car park.

The hotel opening was an encouraging step in the town’s plan to increase overnight stays in Chesterfield by five per cent. More hotel beds will follow at Chesterfield Waterside and Peak Resort.

To ensure we keep our overnight visitors in the town and that they, in turn, spend their money in the local economy, we must have an attractive offering. This is a proposition we continue to build, and it has independent operators at its core.

Jomast is actively targeting independent food, drink and leisure operators to fill the ground floor and basement of the Co-op, mirroring the plans to attract more independently-owned shops to Vicar Lane Shopping Centre by its new owners ALTERIS.

ICYMI: Independent Operator opens in Vicar Lane

The change in consumer shopping patterns, from ‘bricks and mortar’ to ‘bricks and clicks’ means that when people visit town centres, they no longer want identical, faceless town centres. Town centres today need a variety and mix of shops, restaurants and bars – both chain and independent, as well as events which can engage the whole family.

Recognising the importance of events as a way to draw visitors to the town, I am delighted that this year’s Chesterfield Retail Awards include the brand new category – Best Town Centre Event.

We’ll be announcing the winner of this category and more at next month’s Retail Awards. You may have missed out on voting for your favourite shops, stores and events in the retail awards, but please don’t miss out on showing your support for the Food and Drink Awards. If you have a favourite place to eat, drink then make sure you nominate them. Nominate here….

It’s important that we recognise the contribution the town’s growing food and drink sector is making to the local economy. It’s playing an important role in ensuring our town centre not only survives, but also thrives.

Peter Swallow Chair of Destination Chesterfield

Premier Inn Chesterfield

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