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New tourism sector deal set to boost tourism in Peak District and Derbyshire

The Prime Minister announced last week the UK’s first ever Tourism Sector Deal – providing a huge opportunity to boost tourism in the Peak District and Derbyshire.

The Peak District and Derbyshire’s valuable tourism industry is worth over £2.15 billion, attracting 40.45 million visitors each year and supporting over 28,000 jobs.

By 2025 experts predict that there will be an additional 9 million overseas visitors to the UK – and the new Tourism Sector Deal identifies tourism as a leading industry for the Government’s future economic planning.

The Tourism Sector Deal includes the creation of an independent Tourism Data Hub which will revolutionise the way data is collected – allowing organisations, including SMEs, to better understand activity and product preferences in their area so they can tailor their services as a result.

It will also support the creation of 30,000 apprenticeships per year, in England, by 2025. A mentoring programme will support 10,000 employees as they enter tourism careers.

In response to demand for improved infrastructure, the deal also aims to create 130,000 new hotel rooms – with 75% of these outside of London.

The deal also outlines the government’s ambitions for the UK to become the most accessible destination in Europe for disabled visitors – aiming to increase the number of international disabled visitors by 33%.

Developed in partnership with the British Tourist Authority and the industry, the sector deal forms part of the Government’s Modern Industrial Strategy supporting growth of the tourism sector.

By 2025, the Tourism Sector Deal will:

  • More than double the size of the UK’s tourism industry to £268 billion
  • Grow those employed in the sector to 3.8 million
  • Deliver a 1% increase in productivity worth £12 billion
  • Make the UK the most successful destination in Western Europe

Other commitments in the Tourism Sector Deal include:

  • A sum of £250,000 to improve broadband connectivity in conference centres across the UK for business visitors
  • Pilot of up to five new ‘tourism zones’, bringing businesses and local organisations together to establish a coordinated strategy for growth in their local visitor economy and a reduction in the impact of seasonality
  • Grow the number of Business Events and Conferences, helping to increase off-season visitors

Jo Dilley, Managing Director of Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire, said:  “This tourism sector deal is fantastic news for the Peak District and Derbyshire – highlighting the importance of one of our most valuable industries which is worth £2.15 billion to the local economy.

“This deal ensures we can continue to compete internationally as a top destination for visitors, driving major economic growth across the area and helping us to make the Peak District and Derbyshire a truly world-class destination.”

Councillor Barry Lewis, Leader of Derbyshire County Council, said: “Culture and tourism is an essential part of the local economy, employing more than 28,000 people.

“We want Derbyshire to continue to be recognised as the key national and international tourist destination it is, with more visitors choosing to stay longer. Anything that helps us achieve this – and create more jobs – is most welcome and we look forward to the new opportunities the Tourism Sector Deal will bring.”

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