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Fortem assists Ashgate Croft School with new post-16 common room

Construction company Fortem are assisting Ashgate Croft School in transforming their ‘Pod’ classroom (below) into a new post-16 learning environment and common room area.

The new common room will include a kitchen area which will allow a group of pupils to prepare simple meals and lunches independently, in order to help their transition to life after school.

As part of the refurbishment, Fortem are assisting with electricity and heating systems to meet the needs of the students. New external doors, windows and flooring will be installed, with a new door leading to a fenced garden, creating a safe outdoor place for the pupils.

Richard Windle, Teacher at Ashgate Croft Primary School, said: “As a school we are always evolving to improve our provision and outcomes for our fantastic students. Over the last few years in the current economic climate, this has proved to be very challenging.”

He added: “The work pledged by Fortem to refurbish our common room will increase opportunities and improve the life skills of our students for years to come, this will truly change the learning environment and be a legacy in our school for generations.”

Fortem Solutions Limited deliver a range of planned, preventative and responsive care to property, which includes maintaining 120,000 homes across the UK. Fortem are committed to supporting the local community and work on many projects across the borough at any one time.

The current classroom will be transformed into a new common room area by Fortem 

Brogan O'Callaghan

Destination Chesterfield Coordinator (Marketing and Investment)

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