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New report highlights Chesterfield town centre’s potential to recover from coronavirus epidemic

A new report has claimed that Chesterfield town centre may be more resilient and may recover from the impact of the coronavirus epidemic more quickly  than other towns and cities across the UK.

The ‘Impact of Covid-19 on UK town and city centres’ report produced by the Local Data Company claims “More resilient town centres will be those less exposed to the intense challenge leisure occupiers face by the prolonged lockdown.”

Within the report Chesterfield is identified as one of the top 10 towns with the highest percentage of essential retail, which is currently still trading.  The local data company suggests this will add strength to the town.

The reports says: “15 of the top 100 town centres have an undersupply of leisure compared to the GB average (25%) with Peterborough, Swindon, Walsall and Chesterfield being the largest of the 15. Out of those 15 with an undersupply of leisure, Peterborough, Chesterfield, Rotherham and Enfield also appear among the top 10 towns with the highest percentage of essential retail which is still able to trade, which will add strength to these towns.”

Peter Swallow, Chair of Destination Chesterfield said: “The findings from the Local Data Report confirms what we have long known – Chesterfield is a resilient, forward-thinking town. We have a good mix of chain and independent shops and traders which has always created interest in the town centre and encouraged people to visit.

“Despite the current lockdown, the town’s shops, stores and market stall owners have adapted and Chesterfield remains open for business – either online or with social distancing measures in place.

“Throughout lockdown Destination Chesterfield has pushed the Shop Local message and this is paying off in this time of crisis.  It is encouraging to hear town’s independent shops, stores and market traders that more people are embracing Shop Local and pledging to continue to do so after lockdown ends.”

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Dom Stevens

Destination Chesterfield Manager

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