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Brand Ambassador announced for the Summit @PEAK

A two-acre indoor activity centre soon coming to Chesterfield has been rebranded as The Summit @PEAK – and has appointed world-renowned adventurer, Robert Swan as brand ambassador.

Robert has two principle areas of interest:

ACTIVE ADVENTURE: Robert is recognised internationally as one of the worlds greatest adventurers, he is the first person in history to walk to both the North and South poles.

Robert’s appointment brings a deeper authenticity to the project, it will broaden the market appeal of the traditional adventure centre to families and schools as well as provide training spaces for fellow adventurers and the services.

APPLIED SUSTAINABILITY: During both expeditions Robert witnessed first hand the impacts of environmental change on the planet.

These experiences were the catalyst for Robert to inspire others – leading eye-opening Antarctic expeditions for business leaders and politicians from around the world AND educating and engaging young people.

Through his ambassadorship of the Summit @PEAK Robert seeks to empower and enable people from all walks of life to participate in sustainability through their leisure activities and adventures.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” Robert Swan OBE 2012

Some of Robert’s Achievements:

1984-87: “In the Footsteps of Scott” – Robert’s first expedition to the South Pole – the longest unassisted march ever made, covering 900 miles across the frozen wilderness.

1987-89: “Icewalk” – Robert and his team arrive at the North Pole on 14th May 1989, having escaped disaster when unseasonal melting of Artic Ice caused the team tents to drift apart.

1992: Robert is appointed UN Education & Science Goodwill Ambassador with special responsibility for young people. He is a keynote speaker at the worlds first Earth Summit for Sustainable Development in Rio.

1992-97: “One Step Beyond, the South Pole Challenge” – Bringing together 25 nations to clear 1,500 tons of waste left at the scientific research station in Antarctica. Robert had pledged this to his patron Jacques Cousteau.

2002: World Summit – Robert undertakes the longest overland voyage in history, reaching out to over 750,000 young people across South Africa during the World Summit.

2015: Robert is awarded the Humanitarian Innovation Lifetime Achievement Award
In 2017, Robert undertakes the world-first South Pole Energy Challenge; a 600 mile trek to the South Pole surviving only on renewable energy technologies

PEAK is an all year leisure, education, wellness and entertainment destination set in 300 acres of reclaimed parkland on the edge of the Peak District National Park and Chesterfield.

It is to be marketed as a gateway, resort and campus attracting international and city based visitors to the area as well as being available to local and regional residents.

PEAK is a phased development, with Phase 1 costing in the region of £100m and representing approximately one third of the total planning permission.

Peak - Outdoor Venue


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Destination Chesterfield Coordinator (Investment and Marketing)

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