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Chesterfield Borough Council named among Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers

Chesterfield Borough Council is celebrating after being named as one of the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers in England.

The council placed 82nd in the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers which ranks the very best of England’s large apprenticeship employers, with employers recognised for providing some of the most successful apprenticeship programmes over the previous 12 months.

Chesterfield Borough Council currently employs more than 40 apprentices and has done a lot of work to promote apprenticeships throughout the borough by demonstrating the value of apprenticeships and through its pioneering ‘Apprentice Town’ project.

Councillor Jean Innes, cabinet member for business transformation and customers, said: “I’m delighted that we have been recognised in this way for the work we do with apprentices. We were the first town in the UK to declare itself an ‘Apprentice Town’ and we are committed to ensuring that young people in Chesterfield can build the skills and careers they want because this is key to ensuring that we are a thriving borough.

“We want Chesterfield to be a town where young people, businesses and parents think apprenticeship first and the council has to lead by example. That is why we have more than 40 apprentices working across the organisation in a wide range of disciplines including project management, legal services and commercial services.”

The council has apprentices working in almost every service area and they are helping ensure that the council has skilled individuals for the future.

Paul Davis, who is taking part in an apprenticeship programme with the council working towards a CIPFA Professional Qualification (Level 7), said: “I wanted to do the an apprenticeship with Chesterfield Borough Council because it allowed me to study further and to progress within my area of work. The apprenticeship gave me a greater understanding of the authority’s finances and management which I could apply directly to my everyday work for the council and enhance my future prospects with a globally recognised qualification.

“I would definitely recommend apprenticeships to other people as they are great way to learn and it provides you the opportunity to progress further in your career with the added benefit of not being left with a heavy burden of student debt at the end.”

Rachel O’Neil, assistant director for customers, commissioning and change, said: “I’m delighted that we have been recognised with this award for the work we do employing apprentices. Our apprenticeship programme provides the council with highly skilled individuals and in return help ensure they can build a career and a future they are proud of with the council.”

Miles Thirnwell, who recently completed a Housing/Property Management Level two apprenticeship with distinction whilst working for the council, said: “After leaving University this was a difficult time in terms of deciding on an alternative career path. However looking back, I am incredibly pleased with my decision of applying for an apprenticeship and despite the fact that they are often overlooked, they can provide an endless amount of opportunities and the provision of skills you need to develop in your desired career.

“My knowledge and skills were constantly progressing as I was always learning something new, whether this was in the office or whilst carrying out practical tasks throughout the borough. With Chesterfield Borough Council being eager to progress young employees and apprentices, this allowed my knowledge and experiences to develop even further as I was given access to training along with key college courses.”

Chesterfield Borough Council is just one of nine Local Government organisations to feature in the top 100.

Chesterfield Borough Council launched ‘Apprentice Town’ in 2017. It is run in partnership by Chesterfield Borough Council, Destination Chesterfield, the local business community, apprenticeship providers and The Apprentice Town steering group in order to raise awareness of apprenticeship activities and promote all aspects of apprenticeship provision.

2020 is the first year a ranking of the top 100 apprenticeship providers has been compiled. Find out more about ‘Apprentice Town’ here

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