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Major new development set to build on the success story of Markham Vale

A major extension to the Markham Vale North development, granted by Chesterfield Borough Council in December last year, has now been approved by Bolsover District Council.

The decision is a significant milestone for the project and follows three years of extensive discussions with both councils and the local community. It will enable the creation of a high-quality addition to the commercial offer at Markham Vale, further strengthening the local economy.

HBD, the developer behind Markham Vale, will work with Devonshire Property Group to bring the new scheme forward, with the potential to create up to 800 new jobs.

The extension to the Markham Vale North development will boast strong sustainability credentials, with an extensive landscaping plan that protects and improves the existing river corridor.

Significant planting will include around 5,700 new trees (including 2.15ha of new woodland planting), 3.7ha of new grassland habitat and 2km of new native hedgerow to screen the development and create areas of new habitat.

Markham Vale, a joint venture partnership between HBD and Derbyshire County Council which began in 2006, has created more than 2,700 jobs across a wide range of sectors, including advanced manufacturing and logistics. It is home to a range of businesses, including Bilstein Group, which manufactures and distributes automotive parts, Granger International manufacturers of waterproof outdoor products and shoe care products, and Sterigenics, makers of sterile healthcare products.

Markham Vale North Extension site plan

David Wells, Director at HBD, said: “It’s great to be able to move forward with this project – it will allow us to meet established demand for superior sustainable and well-located industrial stock, while continuing to attract vital inward investment into the region. We look forward to working alongside Devonshire Property Group to bring the scheme forward.”

Andrew Byrne, Property Development Director at Devonshire Property Group spoke about the exciting plans at the Celebrate Chesterfield business conference, which called on businesses to ‘get involved,’ ‘collaborate’ and ‘make change happen’ to ensure the town achieves its transformational growth strategy by 2030.

Read more about what was discussed at the annual event here.

Andrew commented: “We are delighted that both planning committees have approved this exciting project. This is a high-quality extension to an already successful employment location, and will make a real contribution to the strength of the local economy and the environment. It is a further demonstration of how the Devonshire Property business is actively investing into both Chesterfield and Bolsover, delivering on our stated ambitions of creating jobs and opportunities for local communities. We look forward to being part of this regeneration, working alongside our Joint Venture partner HBD.”

Devonshire Property Group and HBD support the marketing and economic growth of the town through Chesterfield Champions, a network of over 200 organisations across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.


Andrew Byrne speaking at Celebrate Chesterfield 2023

Andrew Byrne speaking at Celebrate Chesterfield 2023

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