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5 reasons why families are choosing to live in Chesterfield

Why are families choosing to live in Chesterfield? In May 2023, the town ranked 2nd best in the UK to raise a family – according to

Meanwhile, local estate agency Redbrik reported a 200% rise in Google searches for houses in Chesterfield over the past year.

To find out why demand has shot up in such a short space of time, we have been speaking to experts and leaders in the town’s network of Chesterfield Champions and the Chesterfield Property and Construction Group.

Here are five reasons why Chesterfield is proving a desirable place for families to call their home:

1. Perfect location

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Located in the heart of the UK, Chesterfield is set amongst the stunning backdrop of the Peak District National Park.

Despite the beautiful landscapes surrounding the town, Chesterfield is close to several major cities such as Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby and Leeds too. The town is easily accessible by all means of transport.

Well served by the Midland Main Line, Chesterfield is within an hour of four major airports. Additionally, London is under two hours by rail.

Speaking about the town’s ideal location, Ross Bateman, Associate Director at Redbrik said: “It is located just a short train ride away from Sheffield, Nottingham and other cities, and a short drive from the Peak District, which positions Chesterfield perfectly in the middle of all the action!”

Furthermore, a pioneering zero-carbon tourist transport network was recently trialed in Chesterfield and the Peak District. The trial was led by the Gateway at PEAK, alongside Toyota and Chesterfield Borough Council.

The PEAK Express will offer visitors access to a hop-on, hop-off service, linking our town to the Peak District. Find out more here.

2. Affordable properties

One of the reasons families are choosing to live in Chesterfield is the town’s affordability.

House prices in Chesterfield offer you more for your money per square foot than nearby towns. According to Rightmove, the average house price is at least £10,000 cheaper than nearby cities of Sheffield, Derby and Nottingham too.

Rental costs are also cheaper than major nearby cities. According to Richard Sherwood, Director at Roy Peters Estates, the local market remains competitive.

He said: “Rents are certainly rising in Chesterfield but perhaps not to the same unaffordable levels that we are seeing in some of the larger cities in the region. This is perhaps due to the ongoing development of attractive sites in and around the town.

“Chesterfield remains a forward-thinking market town. There always seems something going on to appeal to families and to individuals and it’s great to see people returning to the High Street.”

3. New houses contributing to the area’s regeneration

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Several new housing sites are coming to life in Chesterfield, bringing quality and affordable homes to the town.

Chesterfield Borough Council’s Local Plan (2020) set out the town’s strategy to build 240 homes a year by 2035. So far, that target has been exceeded in each of the last three years.

New homes at Chesterfield Waterside are bringing people closer to our town centre. Meanwhile, projects to build thousands of homes in Staveley and Mastin Moor are set to transform the area.

Dave Wood, Director at Woodall Homes commented: “Chesterfield is a fantastic place to live, with so much going on in the town centre. It should come as no surprise that the area has become a hotspot for development.

“As a market town, Chesterfield has thriving retail spaces. The town is also host to fantastic events like the brand-new Peddler Market, so there is plenty for people living in the area to get involved with.

“We firmly believe that Chesterfield is a fantastic place to live and to raise a family. This is why we are currently working on three developments in the area; The Orchards at Clay Cross, Churchfields in Calow, and The Shrubberies in Chesterfield town centre.”

4. Great outdoor spaces

With our beautiful outdoor spaces and a fantastic leisure offer which encourages health and wellbeing, you’ll feel very welcome in Chesterfield.

People who live in Chesterfield enjoy being located close to the Peak District. They have access to several Green Flag award-winning parks, and scenic walking and cycling routes.

Ryan Fish, Associate Director at Whittam Cox Architects recently chose to move to the area. He commented: “With the Peak District on our doorstep, a quality affordable building stock and a vibrant emerging town centre, moving to Chesterfield was a no-brainer.

“Immediate access to leafy green walks and room for our family to grow was a very attractive proposition, particularly to our lively 3-year old dalmatian!

“The central connectivity of diverse spaces in the form of Queens Park and the canal all add to the allure and the inherent potential of Chesterfield.”

5. Perfect work/life balance for modern working patterns

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People no longer need to be in a city to secure their dream job. This is due to more people and businesses opting for flexible working patterns.

A rise in home working during the pandemic showed that a hybrid approach can be beneficial, in terms of wellbeing for employees and costs for businesses. Now, Chesterfield is capitalising on its excellent transport links by providing high quality, sustainable and modern office accommodation.

The availability of this space is attracting more people to live in Chesterfield. This is thanks to the ideal commute to and from the workplace, and the excellent quality of life our town offers outside of work.

Jamie Wajs, Director at Lime Living Estate Agents commented: “I think that post-pandemic, many people are working from home or choosing a hybrid approach. People who have lived in the town previously, and moved away for education or work are now coming back.

“I think you can look at where Chesterfield sits now. We all know it’s well placed, has great communication links and offers a great work and play lifestyle, with the Peak District being on our doorstep.”

For more information about living and working in Chesterfield, head over to:

This post has been produced thanks to contributions from Chesterfield’s Property and Construction Group. To find out more about the group, go to:

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