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Weightron Bilanciai

Weightron Bilanciai is the UK’s leading manufacturer of weighbridges, industrial weighing equipment, process weighing systems and software.

Based in Chesterfield, the business supplies a wide range of weighing system solutions, from weighbridges designed to weigh articulated vehicles across multiple sites – completely automated using the firm’s own software solution system, right down to processes that weigh the ingredients for food production – providing full traceability of ingredient usage, waste traceability systems for large organisations and everything in between.

Accurately ‘weighing stuff’ is less than half the story for Weightron Bilanciai. The business also provides custom applications that improve the client process – making the weighing operation more efficient and providing real time data which ultimately saves their customers money.

Solutions may start with a weighing scale, but are likely to end with a system that fits around the client’s operation, including touch screen weight displays, networked systems, management software and full factory/countrywide solutions.

Weightron Bilanciai has been developing these solutions for almost 30 years now, and always with the heart of the business based in Chesterfield. The town will always been home to the business and too many of its employees.

Managing Director Nick Catt says:

“Having lived all my life in Chesterfield but having the opportunity to travel around the world with my job, seeing all walks of life and from China to South America, it’s made me realise what a great place Chesterfield is to live, work and raise a family. All the world locations seem terrific, but Chesterfield is hard to beat for a many reasons.

“Being a Chesterfield Champion is one way that I hope I can give something back to Chesterfield in business and the community over the coming years.

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Weightron Bilanciai

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