Chesterfield Champions

Become a Chesterfield Champion

Become a Chesterfield Champion

Join the powerful Chesterfield Champions network and help to raise the profile of the town

Thank you for your interest in Chesterfield Champions. To become the latest Chesterfield Champion please complete the form below and we will be in touch to confirm your membership.

The annual contribution to Destination Chesterfield to become a Chesterfield Champion is based on the number of full time employees in your business

1-10 – £250
11-25 – £425
26-50 – £750
50+ – £1500

If you would like a discussion before becoming a Champion please contact Dom Stevens on 01246 207207 or email

Champion of the Week

Meet our Champion of the Week: Lynne Dawson, Director at Q2 Creative

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Chesterfield Networking Events

Chesterfield Networking Events

Find out about the future of the town, meet local businesses and access support at Chesterfield networking events.

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Champions Round Table

This month’s round table panel, brought together charities in the area and discussed how charities could work with businesses to establish partnerships that would enable more people to access the vital services they provide.

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